Editorial Board

Hazem Aqel

University/Organization:  King Saud Bin Abdul Aziz University
Email id:  aqelh@ksau-hs.edu.sa
Country:   Saudi Arabia

Tuba Dal

University/Organization:  Yildirim Beyazit University
Email id:  tuba_dal@yahoo.com
Country:   Turkey

Godfred A. Menezes

University/Organization:  University of HailWebsiteDirections
Email id:  godfredmenezes@gmail.com
Country:   Saudi Arabia

Maulin Pramod Shah

University/Organization:  Environmental Microbiology Lab at Enviro Technology Ltd
Email id:  shahmp@beil.co.in
Country:   India

Noah Isakov

University/Organization:  Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Email id:  noah@bgu.ac.il
Country:   Israel

Murugan Ramalingam

University/Organization:  Christian Medical College and Hospital Campus
Email id:  rmurug2000@gmail.com
Country:   United States

Akbar Nikkhah

University/Organization:  University of Zanjan
Email id:  nikkhah@znu.ac.ir
Country:   Iran

Gyanendra Singh

University/Organization:  Jawaharlal Nehru University
Email id:  gyancdri@gmail.com
Country:   India

Idress Hamad Attitalla

University/Organization:  Omar Al-Mukhtar University
Email id:  idressattitalla2004@yahoo.com
Country:   Libya

Adam Dawria

University/Organization:  Shandi University
Email id:  dawria777@yahoo.com
Country:   Sudan

Rasha Khalil Al-Saad

University/Organization:  University of Basra
Email id:  masterr78@ymail.com
Country:   Iraq

Bhuvanesh Sukhlal Kalal

University/Organization:  Yenepoya University
Email id:  bhuvanesh611@gmail.com
Country:   India

Shambhu Kumar

University/Organization:  Kerala Forest Research Institute
Email id:  shambhukumar@kfri.res.in
Country:   India

Gamil Sayed Gamil Zeedan

University/Organization:  Cairo University
Email id:  gzeedan@su.edu.sa
Country:   Egypt

Mazeyar Parvinzadeh Gashti

University/Organization:  McGill University
Email id:  mparvinzadeh@gmail.com
Country:   Canada

Alireza Heidari

University/Organization:  California South University
Email id:  scholar.researcher.scientist@gmail.com
Country:   United States

Nilma Nuruddin Hirani

University/Organization:  Grant Government Medical College & Sir J J Hospital
Email id:  drnilmahirani@gmail.com
Country:   India

Reda Ahmed Abd-Elmaged Bayoumi

University/Organization:  Taif University
Email id:  reda.elbayoumi@Yahoo.com
Country:   Saudi Arabia

Mahendra Pal

University/Organization:  Ex-Professor of Addis Ababa University
Email id:  palmahendra2@gmail.com
Country:   India


University/Organization:  University of the Ryukyus
Email id:  akikazusakudo@gmail.com
Country:   Japan


University/Organization:  Czech Academy of Sciences
Email id:  ales.prokop@vanderbilt.edu
Country:   Czech Republic


University/Organization:  The University of Agriculture Peshawar Pakistan
Email id:  aqlpath@gmail.com
Country:   Pakistan

Da Yong LU

University/Organization:  Shanghai University
Email id:  ludayong@shu.edu.cn
Country:   China

Ajar Nath Yadav

University/Organization:  Eternal University
Email id:  ajarbiotech@gmail.com
Country:   India

Sumit Sharma

University/Organization:  Linköping University
Email id:  sumit.aiims@gmail.com
Country:   Sweden

Kishore Cholkar

University/Organization:  University of Missouri Kansas City
Email id:  cholkar.kishore@gmail.com
Country:   United States

Ram Hari Dahal

University/Organization:  Kyonggi University
Email id:  ramhari.dahal@gmail.com
Country:   Korea, Republic of

Palanivel Velmurugan

University/Organization:  Chonbuk National University
Email id:  palanivelmurugan2008@gmail.com
Country:   Korea, Republic of

Krishna Kripal

University/Organization:  Rajarajeswari dental college and hospital
Email id:  kripalkrishna@yahoo.com
Country:   India

Bulent Icgen

University/Organization:  Middle East Technical University
Email id:  bicgen@metu.edu.tr
Country:   Turkey

Amit Kumar Chaudhary

University/Organization:  University of Nebraska Medical Center
Email id:  amitkumarchaudhary3@gmail.com
Country:   United States


University/Organization:  Punjab Agricultural University
Email id:  kunal@pau.edu
Country:   India

Gordana Blagojevic Zagorac

University/Organization:  University of Rijeka
Email id:  gordana.blagojevic@medri.uniri.hr
Country:   Croatia

Rajeev Shah

University/Organization:  Ananta Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Center
Email id:  dr.rajeevrshah@gmail.com
Country:   India

Attapon Cheepsattayakorn

University/Organization:  Chiang Mai University
Email id:  attapon1958@gmail.com
Country:   Thailand

Elif Fatma Üçok

University/Organization:  Manisa Celal Bayar University
Email id:  elif.ucok@cbu.edu.tr
Country:   Turkey

Muzafar Ahmad Rather

University/Organization:  Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine
Email id:  muzafarbiochem.jh@gmail.com
Country:   India

Muhammad Irfan

University/Organization:  University of Sargodha
Email id:  m.irfan@uos.edu.pk
Country:   Pakistan

Rajeev Soni

University/Organization:  Independent Biotech Consultant
Email id:  sonicantab@gmail.com
Country:   India

Prashant Kumar

University/Organization:  University of Kansas
Email id:  prashant.kumar@ku.edu
Country:   United States

Jazib Ali Irfan

University/Organization:  National Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
Email id:  jazibali10@yahoo.com
Country:   Pakistan

Igor Tomasevic

University/Organization:  University of Belgrade
Email id:  tbigor@agrif.bg.ac.rs
Country:   Serbia

Yangjie Wei

University/Organization:  University of Kansas
Email id:  y874w268@ku.edu
Country:   United States

Amanda Claire Brown

University/Organization:  Cornell University
Email id:  acb249@cornell.edu
Country:   United States

Osama Ibrahim

University/Organization:  Consultant Biotechnology
Email id:  bioinnovation04@yahoo.com
Country:   United States

Mahmoud Mohy Elhaig

University/Organization:  Suez Canal University
Email id:  mahmoudvet1975@gmail.com
Country:   Egypt

Yoshimitsu Takahashi

University/Organization:  Shiga International Patent Office
Email id:  takahasy33@gmail.com
Country:   Japan

Xiangkun Li

University/Organization:  Harbin Institute of Technology
Email id:  xkli312@163.com
Country:   China

Fahim Ahmad

University/Organization:  Southern Research
Email id:  fahimsgpgi@gmail.com
Country:   United States

Richa Hanamsagar

University/Organization:  Harvard Medical School
Email id:  richa.hanamsagar@gmail.com
Country:   United States

Suresh Kumar Kalangi

University/Organization:  Nano Bioscience Laboratory Academia Sinica
Email id:  kumarsbio@gmail.com
Country:   Taiwan

Elena Castellanos-Rizaldos

University/Organization:  Exosome Diagnostics
Email id:  elena.castellanos.rizaldos@gmail.com
Country:   United States

Nimish Khanna

University/Organization:  University of California
Email id:  nimishkhanna@gmail.com
Country:   United States

Dhiraj Kumar Chaudhary

University/Organization:  Kyonggi University
Email id:  dhirajchaudhary2042@gmail.com
Country:   Korea, Republic of

Thamarai K Janganan

University/Organization:  Essex University
Email id:  thamaraikannanj@yahoo.co.in
Country:   United Kingdom


University/Organization:  Banaras Hindu University
Email id:  srivastava.neelabh@gmail.com
Country:   India

Ihsan Ullah

University/Organization:  King Abdulaziz University
Email id:  ihsanknu@gmail.com
Country:   Saudi Arabia

Khushbu Yadav

University/Organization:  Purbanchal University
Email id:  meetkhushi20@gmail.com
Country:   Nepal

Kanak Bala

University/Organization:  University of Burgundy
Email id:  kanak.bala@gmail.com
Country:   Canada


University/Organization:  IFTM University, Moradabad
Email id:  sanjaymishra@iftmuniversity.ac.in
Country:   India

Kaveh Ostad-Ali-Askari,

University/Organization:  Islamic Azad University
Email id:  Koa.askari@khuisf.ac.ir
Country:   Iran

Avinash Sharma

University/Organization:  UAS, Bangalore
Email id:  avinashcau@gmail.com
Country:   India

Everaldo Silvino dos Santos

University/Organization:  Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte
Email id:  everaldo@eq.ufrn.br
Country:   Brazil

Ilana Racowski

University/Organization:  Faculty of Technology Termomechanica
Email id:  ilmb@ig.com.br
Country:   Brazil

Rachel Siqueira de Queiroz Simões

University/Organization:  Oswaldo Cruz Institute
Email id:  rachelsqsimoes@gmail.com
Country:   Brazil

Eman Fadlalla

University/Organization:  Ain Shams University.
Email id:  dremanfadlalla@gmail.com
Country:   Egypt

Sekar Vijaya Kumar

University/Organization:  Alagappa University
Email id:  vijaysekar05@gmail.com
Country:   India