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Opinion Article Current Opinions in Neurological Science

  • Mechanism of Intuition
  • AK Mukhopadhyay. 2(1): 356-361.

    Research Article Innovative Techniques in Agriculture

  • Selection and Combining Ability Analysis of the Waxy Maize Inbred Lines with Thinner Pericarp by Phenotyping and SSR Markers
  • Tran Thi Thanh Ha, Hoang Thi Thuy, Vu Thi Bich Hanh, Nguyen Van Ha, Duong Thi Loan and Vu Van Liet. 2(3): 400-412.

    Mini Review Oral Health and Dentistry

  • Ultrasonography as a Diagnostic Tool for Salivary Gland Disorders
  • Nanan Nur’aeny and Riani Setiadhi. 2(3): 393-397.

    Research Article Multidisciplinary Advances in Veterinary Science

  • Puma Concolor (Linnaeus, 1771) Andean Puma Behaviour in Captivity Using an Environmental Enrichment Programme in “Taraccasa” Zoo (Apurímac, Peru)
  • Cristian J Morales Mijahuanca, Roger Machaca M, Edgar Quispe Peña, Víctor Cano Fuentes, Max H Escobedo Enriquez, Flor A Corredor, Julio Iván Cruz Colque, Brigitte de Groote, Jesus E Quispe Coaquira and Virgilio Machaca Machaca. 1(6): 247-253.

    Editorial Gynaecology and Perinatology

  • Heavy Menstural Bleeding: Then and Now
  • Rajiv Mahendru, Saloni Bansal, Sueeba, Sneha Bathla. 1(2): 130-139.

    Case Report Gynaecology and Perinatology

  • Outcome Lupus Nephritis in Pregnancy at Dr. Soetomo Hospital, Indonesia
  • Muhammad Ilham Aldika Akbar, Andita Hapsari, Hermanto Tri Joewono, Aditiawarman, Agus Sulistyono, Ernawati, Budi Wicaksono, Khanizyah Erza Gumilar, Manggala Pasca Wardhana, Nareswari Cininta, Rozi Aditya Aryananda, Erry Gumilar Dachlan and Sri Sulistyowati. 1(2): 120-129.

    Review Article Nutrition and Food Toxicology

  • Phytomedicines: far Beyond Cytotoxicity in Cancer therapy. Sole Multitarget-Polypharmacology, Chemopreventive and Safety Profiles: Combinatorial Synergy, Chemosensitization and Mitigation of Chemotherapy Adverse-Reactions.
  • Abdalla M El-Mowafy. 2(3): 359-370.

    Editorial Clinical Biotechnology and Microbiology

  • A Report of Late Blight Disease of Potatoes Caused by Phytophthora Infestans in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) Pakistan
  • Aqleem Abbas. 2(1): 271-273.

    Research Article Clinical Biotechnology and Microbiology

  • Isolation and Identification of a New Bacterial Strains Degrading Paracetamol Isolated from Yemeni Environment
  • Wadhah H Edrees, Qais Y Abdullah, Ali G AL-Kaf and Khalid M Naji. 1(6): 257-270.

    Research Article Nutrition and Food Toxicology

  • Assessment on Bacterial Load of Ready to Use Fruit Juices Served in Cafes and Juice Bars in Hossana Town, Southern, Ethiopia
  • Diriba Leta Weleni. 2(3): 350-358.

    Editorial Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology

  • 3D Printing – Revolutionising the Management in Orthopaedics
  • Nithin Sunku. 2(1): 262-263.

    Research Article Clinical Biotechnology and Microbiology

  • Removal of Phenols from Industrial Wastewaters by Immobilized Pseudomonas Stutzeri A3 Tyrosinase
  • Fifi M Reda, Wesam A Hassanein, Aya Al-Zahaby and Ibrahim M Elshorbagy. 1(6): 242-256.

    Case Report Oral Health and Dentistry

  • An Unusual Case of Large Oral Lipoma in Mental Region: Case Report
  • Shiv Prasad Sharma. 2(3): 388-392.

    Research Article Innovative Techniques in Agriculture

  • Effectiveness of Plant Leaf Extract on Black Bean Aphid (Aphis Fabae Linn.)
  • B Subedi, K Acharya and K Kafle. 2(3): 395-399.

    Research Article Innovative Techniques in Agriculture

  • Selection for Drought Tolerance Genotypes in Bread Wheat (Triticum Aestivuml.) Under in Vitro Conditions Based on Molecular Approaches
  • Kamil M AL-Jobori Lubna and HN AL-Tamemy. 2(3): 383-394.

    Review Article Oral Health and Dentistry

  • Distractions Osteogenesis-An Overview of Challenges and Possibilities
  • Louise Aiquel and Marcello Gaieta Vannucci. 2(3): 381-387.