Review Article
Volume 5 Issue 1 - 2020
Review of Herpes and Dementia
Paul T E Cusack
23 Park Ave, Saint John, NB Canada E2J 1R2
*Corresponding Author: Paul T E Cusack, 23 Park Ave, Saint John, NB Canada E2J 1R2.
Received: March 11, 2020; Published: March 18, 2020

In 1989, I had contracted the Harpies Simplex Virus from a “friend”. While we were playing a card game, drunk, he leaned over and purposely kissed me on the lip. He had had a cankerous cold soar as they are called, that I later learned was hippies. Another friend wanted me to go to the hospital for immediate treatment, but I decline thinking my immune system would handle the disease. I was wrong, but I knew nothing of the herpes virus.
There were many ramifications from the night of card playing in 1989. One girl whom I happen to kiss thought I gave her the harpies virus. I had been told by a doctor that the virus is only contagious when it is weeping. It wasn’t, but I got blamed, nonetheless. Another woman though the same and she licked my eye trying to give me harpies o the eyeball. I later learned that herpes causes blindness if the eye is infected. Thankfully, I didn’t get the virus on my eye.
When I returned from Toronto, I went to see my doctor about it and he sent me to an Immunologist. That specialist gave me one dose of a pill (I forget the name) and said the pill would disassemble the herpes virus. The pill had come out of Aids research, he told me. It worked! He said that the virus I had was a particularly virulent stain of the virus. That was 1995 and I haven’t had a cold soar since.
At about the same time, I began having symptoms of schizophrenia. I was going to the local university library studying everything under the. I focused on the herpes virus. I remember thinking that I wanted to come up with a cure for herpes simplex virus type 1. I recall reading that the virus lives in the brain, and when the immune system is weakened by say a cold, the virus travels down the fifth Trigeminal nerve and encephalitis on the lip. I also recall that herpes infects 80% of the population; many carry the virus in their saliva and may have no outward signs of the infection. That was 1995 and was the last time I was with a woman for fear of the repercussions of potentially spreading the virus.
Fast forward to the later half of this decade. A family member came down with dementia. I realized that she had had a very light cold soar that only surfaced a maybe twice in my 53 years. Her spouse did not have the virus ever. When I thought about what the root cause of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease could be, I figured that, whereas it is such a prolific disease affecting one in five, it might be caused by a prevalent virus. So what disease is so prolific that occurs in both spouses? I reasoned that the root cause must be a Sexually Transmitted Disease. Could it be herpes? Or Gonorrhea? Or Syphilis? I knew from Military records that the woman’s father had gonorrhea. However, that disease is not common enough to cause the epidemic of AD. Neither is syphilis. But herpes is that common. I did some calculations on the infection rates and found a significant (perfect!) match between herpes and AD.
The theory is that the immune system is fighting off the herpes virus one’s whole life. The by-product of the immune system forms a plaque that causes brain cells to die, thus AD. When the patient’s immune system is weakened, the virus enlivens and travels down the trigeminal nerve and breaks out as a “cold soar.”
The woman also has a glaucoma type problem in her left eye causing partial blindness. I guess that it may have been caused by the gonorrhea. But the Dementia is likely caused by herpes.
I see lately where there are other claims that the cause of Dementia is a gum bacterium. It may turn out that I’m wrong about herpes causing dementia, but further study is warranted. Apparently, I’m not the first researcher to claim the herpes -dementia connection. Hopefully we find out soon as the disease is devasting and costs the health system trillions of dollars annually.
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Citation: Paul T E Cusack. “Review of Herpes and Dementia”. Current Opinions in Neurological Science 5.1 (2020): 33-34.
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