Thamarai K Janganan

University/Organization: Essex University

Country: United Kingdom


I trained as a Clinical Microbiologist and worked in various Hospitals in India. Later, I moved to the UK and completed my PhD in Molecular Microbiology at Durham University, in 2008. Then, I undertook Postdoctoral Research positions at Durham University (2008-2011), Sheffield University (2011-2016) and Essex University ((2016-2017), UK.

I have about 20 years of teaching and research experience in Microbiology and related area. My research interest focused on a major global threat ‘Antimicrobial resistance’ especially multi-drug transporters from Gram-negative bacteria. My research on multi-drug transporters in Neisseria gonorrhoeae is well regarded in academic and scientific community, which lead to good publications; one of which was highlighted in the Welcome Trust news and the Science daily news.

 Research Interest

His Research Interests are
1.Antimicrobial resistance- Multidrug transporters
2.Clinical Microbiology
4.Cell signalling in human pathogenic Fungi (Paracoccidioides brasiliensis)
5.Bacterial spores
6.UTI associated with pregnancy