Sekar Vijaya Kumar

University/Organization: Alagappa University

Country: India


Vijayakumar Sekar currently works DST-INSPIRE SRF Fellow at the Department of Animal Health and Management, Alagappa University, Tamilnadu, India. Vijayakumar does research in Nanopharmacology and Nanotoxicology, Nanobiotechnology, Ecotoxicity, Limnology, Immunology and Zoology. He has published more than twenty five research findings in top most peer reviewed index journals with a total impact factor of above 40. And he acted as a reviewer of the various international Elsevier, RSC and Springer journals. Further one of the editorial member of frontier Environmental microbiology journal.

He has participated and presented research findings in various national and international conferences. Recently, he had participated and presented a paper “Effect of β-GBP-ZnO Nps on immune response of Tilapia” in “10th Symposium on Diseases in Asian Aquaculture (DAA10), organized by the Fish Health Section of the Asian Fisheries Society (AFS-FHS) to be held on August 28th – September 01 2017- Kuta, Bali, Indonesia and “Biosynthesis of Ag/ZnO nanocomposite using chitosan from shell waste of mudcrab, Scylla serrata and its antibiofilm screening” in the 11th Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum, held at Bangkok, Thailand on 3rd to 7th August 2016.

 Research Interest

His research interests are Nano-biotechnology; Nanopharmacology; Cytotoxicity (Cancer cells, Macrophages); Isolation of bio polymeric compounds and synthesis of nanomaterial’s; Green florescent protein (GFP); tagged bacteria culture and maintenance, Collection identification. Mass culture and maintenance of zoo planktons; Fish mainatainannce; Probiotics treatment; Biofouling; Ecotoxicity assessment of nanoparticles Aquatic Animal Health Biotechnology; Crustacean Immunology Genomics and Microbiology.