Rasha Khalil Al-Saad

University/Organization: University of Basra

Country: Iraq


Dr. Rasha Khalil Al-Saad has 32 years old, she live in IRAQ, BASRAH, and she got her Master Degree of Science in Veterinary Medicine / College of Veterinary Medicine / University of Basra in 2014 in Parasitology & Microbiology. Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine 2006. She had published 7 articles, once in JIARM / India, once in Journal of Veterinary Research Basra, Iraq, other in International Journal of Innovation and Applied Studies (IJIAS), Morocco, other in OMICS group, USA, journal of infectious diseases and therapy and 3 in Germany in International journal of biological research, International journal of Medicine and International Journal of Scientific World. She published one book in LAMBERT academic publishing (LAP) at 2014 in Germany. She also certificated in 6 courses of scientific meeting. Rasha Khalil Al-Sa gain 7 Acknowledgements. She have experiences and previous places of work: Veterinary Medicine lecturer & Veterinarian with 8 years experiences. She work as peer reviewer member in reviewer team of 7 journals which are IJBR, IJBAS, IJSW, IJM, Germs, Global Journal GJMR and Global Journal GJCST

 Research Interest

Her Research Interest includes Parasitology Microbiology Infectious diseases, Veterinary sciences Animals research, Protozoa, Biology and Immunology