Xiangkun Li

University/Organization: Harbin Institute of Technology

Country: China


Professor Xiangkun Li holds his bachelor degree in Ecology; Master degree in Environmental Engineering; and has his doctor degree in Municipal Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology. He has over fifteen years’ experience of water treatment processing and microbiological research. This includes experience of designing, validating and operating a reactor or system culturing special microorganisms to treat different wastewater, designing and running water and wastewater treatment plants, investigating microbial community structure in the bio-reactors using molecular microbiological methods. He is a Professor of Harbin Institute of Technology now. In addition, he serves as an author and referees for several top national and international journals and conferences. His articles also have widely been cited by top journals in his field.

Dr. Li also acted as a consultant, expert witness and technical advisor to wastewater treatment plants, microbiology and water science and technology laboratories. He has made original and significant contributions to the field of water science and technology, particularly in the area of wastewater treatment, including the progress design and mechanism investigate of industrial manufacture wastewater treatment, ground water treatment, N and P claim and removal from wastewater and livestock and poultry manures composting. He has written around 80 peer reviewed papers in national and international journals and conferences relating to environmental engineering, chemistry and microbiology; 10 patents; and a co-author book. He serves as a referee of National Nature Fund of China.

 Research Interest

His research interests are Water and wastewater treatment and technology; Microbiology in water treatment system.