Ram Hari Dahal

University/Organization: Kyonggi University

Country: Korea, Republic of


Ram Hari Dahal is currently involved in cosmetic project for isolation and identification of natural compound from soil bacteria for various cosmetic functions including antibacterial and enzyme inhibitory actions in Kyonggi University, South Korea. He is also involved in the project development of novel antibiotics originated from unculturable soil bacteria. He is an expert in microbial systematic, microbial ecology, and chemotaxonomy. He has strong background for the study of bacterial diversity in soil. He has completed numerous novel bacterial genus and species work along with novel family work. All his work has been published in national and international journals. He is also a member of editorial team in various national and international journals.

 Research Interest

His Research interests are Antibiotics originated from unculturable soil bacteria; Bioactive natural products; Microbial systematic, Microbial chemotaxonomy; Microbial ecology; Molecular biology; Toxicology; Bacterial metabolism; Bioremediation of recalcitrant compounds.