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Research Article Innovative Techniques in Agriculture

  • Biology of Red Palm Weevil on Different Date Palm Varieties under Laboratory Conditions
  • Waheed Ali Kubar, Hakim Ali Sahito, Tasneem Kousar, Nisar Ahmed Mallah, Faheem Ahmed Jatoi, Zafar Hussain Shah, and Wali Muhammad Mangrio. 1(3): 130-140.

    Editorial Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Management

  • NMR Based Metabolomics in Respiratory Diseases
  • Afzal Azim. 1(2): 41-42.

    Editorial Oral Health and Dentistry

  • Periodontal Disease And Diabetes Mellitus : A Long Way To Understand The Bi-Directional Way
  • Marcello Gaieta Vannucci. 1(4): 185-186.

    Review Article Therapeutic Advances in Cardiology

  • Recent Advances in the Management of Left Main Coronary Artery Disease
  • Anushka Chadha and Abbas Shehadeh. 1(2): 70-72.

    Research Article Chronicles of Pharmaceutical Science

  • Nano suspensions: A Prospective Approach
  • M. Gowthami, A. Reshma, L. Swathilatha, M. Praveen Kumar and VL. Narasaiah. 1(4): 180-192.

    Symposium Ophthalmology and Vision Science

  • Grievance in Teaching in Ophthalmology in India: Article (226) High Court & Article (32) Supreme Court Indian Penal Code-Applicable To All Disciplines
  • Katta SV. 1(3): 108-110.

    Mini Review Innovative Techniques in Agriculture

  • India’s Agriculture at Present
  • Senthil Kumar Kurunthachalam. 1(3): 123-129.

    Research Article Gynaecology and Perinatology

  • Results of the Implementation of a Diet with Low Content of Carbohydrates for the Treatment of Glucose Intolerance during Pregnancy
  • Prof Dr R Illia MD, Lic G. Pinto, Dr. G. Lobenstein, Dr. M Uranga Imaz, Dr. G. Manrique, Dr. F Fiameni, Dr. M Cabrera and Dr. F. Guallan. 1(2): 44-66.

    Research Article Ophthalmology and Vision Science

  • Awareness and Knowledge of Preschool Vision Screening among Teachers and Eye Care Providers in a sub-urban Municipality in Ghana
  • Mohammed Abdul-Kabir, Derrick Owusu Ansah and Irene Nkasa-Kyeremateng. 1(2): 99-107.

    Research Article Current Opinions in Neurological Science

  • Effects of Knockdown SOCS3 on glutamate current in astrocytes of C57BL/6 mice
  • Hamid Islampoor and Saeed Khoshnood. 1(3): 83-85.

    Opinion Innovative Techniques in Agriculture

  • Sericulture `Waste’ Silkworm Pupae as Alternate Source for Animal Protein
  • IK Pai. 1(3): 119-122.

    Editorial Innovative Techniques in Agriculture

  • Is Bhavani River, South India, Water Safe?
  • Senthil Kumar Kurunthachalam. 1(3): 116-118.

    Research Article Innovative Techniques in Agriculture

  • Fish Imports and Their Contribution towards Feeding an Ever-Growing Population in Zambia
  • Simakando Sililo, Confred G. Musuka and Alexander S. Kefi. 1(2): 107-115.

    Research Article Innovative Techniques in Agriculture

  • Management of Common bean anthracnose (Colletotrichum lindemuthianum Sacc and Magn.) through integration of intercropping and compost application at Haramaya, eastern Ethiopia
  • Negash Hailu. 1(2): 96-106.