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Research Article Therapeutic Advances in Cardiology

  • Management of Hyperlipidemia in very high risk and high risk Cardiovascular Patients: a Prospective Observational, Multicenter Study Focusing on the Safety and Efficacy of Ezetimibe in Combination of Atorvastatin
  • Feroz Memon, Abdul Hafeez Chauhdry, Syed Ishtiaq Rasool, Sohail Tufail, Masood Ahmed5, M Ashfaq, Syed Faiz Ul Hasan Rizvi, Khalida Soomro, Neeta Maheshwary and Ahson Siddiqi. 1(2): 46-55.

    Editorial Innovative Techniques in Agriculture

  • Underground Mystery: The Role of Chemotactic Attractants in Plant Root and Phytonematode Interactions
  • Heather N. Gosse, Kathy S. Lawrence and Sang-Wook Park. 1(2): 83-87.

    Case Report Innovative Techniques in Agriculture

  • Emerging Irrigation Techniques-A Case Study
  • Sushree Sangita Dash and C.R Subudhi. 1(2): 80-82.

    Research Article Oral Health and Dentistry

  • The Periodontal Care, Train, Can Make Them Mascular Bodies
  • Nima Sabzchamanara. 1(3): 147-149.

    Editorial Innovative Techniques in Agriculture

  • -AGROSCAPES-New Technologies, Differentiated Land Use Management and Productive Systems as the Future of Farm Land
  • Luis Loures. 1(2): 77-79.

    Research Article Innovative Techniques in Agriculture

  • Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Crop Plants: With Respect to NAC Transcription Factor
  • Ashu Singh, Manoj Kumar Sharma and RS Sengar. 1(1): 63-76.

    Case Report Gynaecology and Perinatology

  • Case Report of Pregnancy and Delivery in a Woman with Cerebrospinal Fluid Shunt Due to Hydrocephalus
  • R Hamid, S Kawsar and A R K Lohani. 1(1): 31-34.

    Short Communication Oral Health and Dentistry

  • Effect of an Oral Health Lesson on Primary Schoolchildren: A Pilot Study
  • Romeo Patini, Giuseppina Nocca, Cinzia Callà, Edoardo Staderini and Patrizia Gallenzi. 1(2): 136-146.

    Research Article Clinical Biotechnology and Microbiology

  • Aspergillosis: A Highly Infectious Global Mycosis of Human and Animal
  • Mahendra Pal. 1(2): 47-49.

    Editorial Nutrition and Food Toxicology

  • Personalized Nutrition: Changing Mentality and Eating Habits
  • Ramón Cacabelos. 1(3): 96-97.

    Research Article Ophthalmology and Vision Science

  • Integrating Eye Health Care within the Public Health System: A Case Study of the Kiri Vong Referral Hospital Vision Centre, Takeo Province, Cambodia
  • Gail M Ormsby, Manfred Mörchen, Rahul Chakrabarti, Mufarriq Shah, Te Serey Bonn, Do Seiha and Jill E Keeffe. 1(2): 64-84.

    Research Article Innovative Techniques in Agriculture

  • Goat Value Chain Analysis in Pastoral Communities of Ethiopia
  • Aklilu Nigussie and Dana Hoag. 1(1): 41-62.