Volume 3   |   Issue 2

Opinion Article P: 16-17.

ATPCI: Mission Impossible
János Tomcsányi*, András Jánosi and Béla Bózsik.

Editorial Article P: 18-19.

Research Article P: 20-31.

Correlation Between 2D Speckle Tracking Echocardiography with Non-Diagnostic ECG and Cardiac Enzymes in Assessment of Myocardial Ischaemia
Abdulaziz Aboshahba MD*, Abdulrahman Elhadary MD, Mohammad Elbaz MD, Wael Attia MD, Ibraheem Faragallah MD....

Volume 3   |   Issue 1

Review Article P: 01-03.

Open Dissection of the Brachial Artery, Percutaneous Brachial Access, Aortography, Renal Angiography
Henry F Collet Camarillo, Daniel Collet Salgueiro MD, Freddy Contreras MD, and Manuel Velasco MD.

Opinion Article P: 04-05.

New Aspects in the Treatment of Arterial Hypertension
Henry F Collet Camarillo, Daniel Collet Salgueiro MD, Freddy Contreras MD, and Manuel Velasco MD

Opinion Article P: 06-07.

Mini Review P: 08-10.

Heart Failure and Left Ventricular Resynchronization Review and Current Status
Henry F Collet Camarillo, Daniel Collet Salgueiro MD and Manuel Velasco MD*

Volume 2   |   Issue 2

Research Article P: 236-243.

The Utility of Ventricular Septal Rupture Size and Gradient Measured by Echocardiography in Assessing 14 Day Survival in Myocardial Infarction
Prabha Nini Gupta, George A Koshy, Sandeep G Nair, Sivaprasad Kunjukrishnapillai, Preethi Sara George and Praveen Velappan.

Research Article P: 244-250.

Research Article P: 251-255.

Volume 2   |   Issue 1

Mini Review P: 211-214.

Editorial Article P: 215-218.

Review Article P: 234-235.

Volume 1   |   Issue 4

Research ArticleP: 165-183.

Arrhythmia Detection from Photoplethysmography (PPG) Based on Pattern Analysis
Dennis Boateng, Grieten Lars, Matthieu Genicot, Amaury Vanvinckenroye and Dirk Valkenborg.

Review Article P: 188-198.

Volume 1   |   Issue 3

Case Report P: 121-130.

Short-Term Contralateral Recurrence of an Aldosterone-Producing Adenoma: A Possible Case of Familial Hyperaldosteronism Type II
Agnieszka Kuzior, Ana Delia Santana-Suarez, Manuel Esteban Nivelo-Rivadeneira, Paula Fernandez-Trujillo-Comenge, Carmen Acosta-Calero, Claudia Arnas-Leon, Sara Quintana-Arroyo and Francisco Javier Martinez-Martin.

Research Article P: 131-144.

Chagas Myocarditis: a Convenient Model to Validate ECG Pathological Parameters in NMRI mice
Giraldo Elidiosmar, Santeliz Sonia, Yustiz María-Daniela, Rodriguez Hector and Bonfante-Cabarcas Rafael.

Research Article P: 145-151.

Research Article P: 152-159.

Mini Review P: 160-164.

Pregnancy-Associated Myocardial Infarction- Unusual but Potentially Lethal
Monika Thakur, Akhil Gautam, Kunal Mahajan and Suman Lata.
Volume 1   |   Issue 2

Research Article P: 97-104.

Volume 1   |   Issue 1

Editorial Article P: 1-4.

Review Article P: 5-11.

Thromboaspiration during Primary PCI. When, Where and How?
Athanassios Antonopoulos and Evangelia Sergi.

Research Article P: 19-30.

Ventricular Partitioning Using the Parachute ® Device: Challenging Access Routes and Device Retrieval
Tobias Schmidt, Christian Frerker, Michael Schlüter, Felix Kreidel, Karl-Heinz Kuck and Ulrich Schäfer.

Research Article P: 42-51

Management of Hyperlipidemia in Very High Risk and High Risk Cardiovascular Patients: a Prospective, Interventional Phase Iv Multicenter Study Focusing on The Safety and Efficacy of Ezetimibe in Combination of Atorvastatin
Feroz Memon, Abdul Hafeez Chauhdry, Syed Ishtiaq Rasool, Sohail Tufail, Masood Ahmed, M Ashfaq, SyedFaiz Ul Hasan Rizvi, Khalida Soomro, Neeta Maheshwary and Ahson Siddiqi.

Research Article P: 52-60

Intracoronary Infusion of Nicorandil Mixed with Contrast Through a Thrombus Aspiration Catheter Placed Distally in the Culprit Vessel Reduces Incidence of No-Reflow and Slow-Flow in Acute Myocardial Infarction Patients with a High Thrombus Burden.
Udaya Prashant Ponangi MD DM, Soma Raju B MD DM, Kavitha Dandu MD, Venkata Satyanarayana Ponangi MS Mch, Krishna Mohan Lalukota MRCP , Rajeev Menon MD DNB, Anuj Kapadia MD DM.

Review Article P: 66-68

Research Article P: 69-75

Hemodynamic Management of High Blood Pressure
Chacón-Lozsán F, Rodriguez-Torres M and Rojas R.

Research Article P: 76-82

Role of Moringa oleifera on Electrolytes Levels and Cardiovascular Function in Human
Omolaso Blessing Oluwagbamila, Seriki Samuel Adinoyi* and Adegbite Olutunde Ademola.