Research Article
Volume 2 Issue 1 - 2018
Retinal Stem Cells Reprogramming
Lombardi Massimo*
Centro di Medicina Rigenerativa Oculistica, Italy
*Corresponding Author: Lombardi Massimo, Centro di Medicina Rigenerativa Oculistica, Italy.
Received: March 04, 2018; Published: May 07, 2018
Retinal Stem Cells Reprogramming using omotoxicological pharmaceuticals blend therapy through retrobulbar injections. The author reports his experience derived from his first Autologous Stem Cells transplant from Bone Marrow (from the hip) and reimplantation into the retrobulbar fat of the Eye. To define a new concept of Informational Therapy for Regenerative Medicine using a system of Reformatting the pathological retina through the therapeutic Regulation of affected Tissues of the inner Eye no more capable to regulate normal biological functions.
According to my experience, from informational point of view, the pathology is not correctly explained, due to several wrong information given on the: physical/food/environmental and mental/psychological/bioenergetical levels from which are born the so-called Somatizations.
There are two different kind of therapies:
1.The Allopathic: the synthetic-chemical which seeks to counteract some physiological defense mechanisms and functional deficiencies such as inflammation, fever, and immunodeficiency, expressing the pathology, trying to inhibit, eliminate, replace, immunosuppress and in some cases also poison: (Cancer Chemotherapy?!).
Due to several personal experiences, I would not agree with these therapeutic treatments.
2. The Homeopathic – Omotoxicological – Biological:
- The Regulatory Medicine - using inputs or Low Dose messages of completely natural substances to gradually and gently carry back the diseased organ into a functional normalization state. According to the last therapeutic choice, I have decided to direct my researches, in order to reactivate the Stem Cells.
After performing, 10 years ago, the world's first transplantations of Autologous Stem Cellsin patient's eyes affected by different retinal and Uveal pathologies in the Amadeus Krankenhaus Hospital in Cologne, Germany (for the X -Cell – Center). I decided to use a completely different and minimally invasive Non-Surgical Methodthrough the Reprogramming of Stem Cells.
Through this method, which I have devised and used for about 8 years in Italy, I do not try to reverse drastically pathological processes,but I remodel physiological processes by stimulating stem cells to resume their Mission, to Repair, Renew, Replace Sick Cells, solving the pathological procedure by the normalization of enzymatic, neuro-hormonal systems, etc., that result disoriented in a partial functional block.
Therefore, the Disease is the synonymous of Disorientation and Biological Functional Interruption, in order to Heal all Physiological Structures designated to the Repair: the Stem Cells.
The Reprogramming of the Stem Cells, firstly to bring about the arrest of the Disease and, secondly the Healing, needs to establish a contact with S.C. through a specific language for giving a correct information capable of normalizing the Functional Disorientation. I have identified, in the biochemical language available through the Omotoxicological Cocktails, the correct answer to this need. Dosages and methods of transmission are similar to the Normal Physiological Organism Function.
For example: the Physiological Concentration of the Therapeutic Solution containing Cytokines (which is Biologically Activated by the Succussion or Dynamization technique) is between 10-16 nanograms and 10-15 picograms; below this concentration there is no biological effect.
The Allopathic Pharmacological Concentration is between 10-3 and 10-6 nanograms, otherwise, with a greater concentration above 10-3 nanograms it has a toxic effect. The mechanism for transmitting information, capable of directly Reorganize, Reactivate and Reset the Stem Cell where they are located, (practically throughout the body), is activated through: the Trophic Induction, the ability of a substance to properly direct the cellular regeneration towards a diseased/damaged tissue through the information provided by the Organotherapy Messengers ( purified extracts of tissues derived from pork organs that exhibit more affinities with human tissues, confirming the homeopathic principle: Similis Similibius Curantur (Similar Treatments for Similar Creatures).
There is a Second Principle that regulates the cellular regeneration, the shortage on the spot of Stem Cells: the Positive Tropism that allows the Stem Cells to reach the organ and the damaged tissue, (though belonging to other cellular areas), especially through blood, lymph and intracellular liquids. For reaching the Target Tissue, the Stem Cells are led by Rescue Program that spontaneously activates through bio-chemical mediators circulating in the blood, in the lymph and intracellular liquids.
Hence an Immune-Guided Positive Tropism from the immune similarity of pork tissues to human that guarantees the efficacy of the Stem Cells Regenerative Action in the target tissues that need Reparation-Regeneration. The action of Organotherapy (whose weight is expressed in nanograms) has been defined as: Bystander Reaction, defined by Heine in 1993 – Weiner and Mayer in 1996.
Generally this response is always a consequence of an inflammatory reaction identified as Primum Movens = First Action, both due to a pathological process or repair of a mechanical damage and of a chemical-toxic damage.
Furthermore these medicines have a moderate increase and acceleration of enzymatic kinetic action, according to Michaelis and Menten law that explains how a starting even minimal increase of the substratum can accelerate, even a lot, an enzymatic reaction but, with subsequent increases of the substrate a further acceleration is not more generated.
In order to activate the Omotoxicological Cocktails is necessary to effectuate the Succussion or Dynamization, the action of shaking with a sudden interruption = Agitating for a large number of times. Hahnemann wrote, 250 years ago, about hitting a leather coated book (a Bible), with a punch, that contains a phial at least 100 or more times. I have personally verified that even 15-20 times may be enough for a cocktail containing 12-20 preparations.
I've always tried to understand how Dr. Hahnemann should, 250 years ago, know with certainty that, after several solvent shakes, it could completely absorb the chemical and electromagnetic imprinting, even if it was transmitted from a dilute solution even 1000-10000 times and, under certain extreme dilution conditions, even without the physical presence of this substance.
This phenomenon has been studied and confirmed in 2011, thanks to Montaigner and Del Giudice's studies, and published in the Journal of Physics, after having been presented to the International Institute for Biophotonics in Neuss, Germany.
At that point, to understand the phenomenom it's important to introduce the concept of Water Memory and Clusters. A Cluster is a minimal group of water molecules binded, by hydrogen bonds, in pentagonal-shaped srtuctures and, even more complex, cage-shaped structures, that may contain an infinitesimal solute trace and, at greater dilutions, the structure remains without solute, while mantaining intact or even strengthening its therapeutic efficacy due to the information that is still spread through the water memory that retains the solute even it is no more physically inside.
Water has active ice microcrystals circulating into the blood's fluids the range of +5 to +60 degrees centigrade. In fact, biological life would cease if our body fluids would freeze or overheating. The chemical - electromagnetic information is recorded as on a Hard Disk on the symmetry planes of the water crystal.
Hence life is information transmitted via water microcrystals by their database set on water crystals symmetry planes and it is propagated within a precise temperature limits, under which death by total freezing would prevent both water and Clusters to circulate and transfer the information. On the contrary, overheating death occurs by the Clusters and water microcrystals melting, by which should disappear with the database and, therefore, all information too.
It's possible to survive after a partial freezing, under peculiar circumstances, given that microcrystals can circulate again after having reached and reactivated a suitable temperature. However it's impossible to heal from excessive body temperature beyond + 55-60 degrees of internal body fluids, because microcrystals and its information do not exist anymore. An experiment that definitively confirms how the information is the driving force of all biological systems in nature, it is what I repeated several times many years ago with some plants.
Two identical pots, filled with homogenous soil, with one seed planted in each pot, coming from the same plant, identical to weight, shape, size and color and equal exposure to light. In the pot Number One a Liquid Chlorophyll (low dilution) was used. In the pot Number Two Informed Water of chlorophyll was used with Homeopathic Dilution and Succession as well as in a standard Homeopathic Dilution and Dynamization.
In conclusion the plant in vase Number Two grew much faster and lush, than that in the vase Number One. My Retrobulbar Injective therapy takes advantage of these Physico-Chemical and Bio- Electric Magnetic mechanisms. My Omotoxicological Cocktails and correct Natural Pharmacological Information directly put in the fat retrobulbar, plenty of Stem Cells, using the principles of Trophic Induction and Positive Trophism that may generate the Self-Healing, representing the best way of Potential Healing without Negatives Collateral Effects, due to the respect of the Natural Body Physiology.
Through the retrobulbar area I can have a direct communication with the Brain and the Bone Marrow (of the hip) and having, in fact, the favorable circumstance to overcome the Blood-Brain and Spin Barrier and, therefore, my Regenerative Stimulus will spread to the other parts of the body ready who need to receive this reparative and regenerative stimulations.
There are lots of positives results, often with diseased organs and body tissues that are not directly interested in regenerative information specifically conceived for a peculiar body organ or tissue. I had some Hearing Impairment and Anosmia, completely healed while I was only trying to heal the Retina and the Optic Nerve.
So once the Stem Cells reactivate and regenerate not necessarily our Specific and Targeted Activation Order will only reach the programmed tissue/organ, but we will also be able to develop a second involuntary remedy for other organs/tissues, however sick, but that we did not plan to cure.
This confirms that I was able to able to reactivate: the Totipotent Stem Cells. Finally, through my retrobulbar therapies, based on specific Omotoxicological Cocktails I could demonstrate the new efficient and correct method of Regenerative Medicine that I have personally conceived and tested within my last 8 years of professional carrier. After having detected all natural biological processes, I could, through my analogue - therapy approach, reach relevant average results in more than 70% cases of Uveitis, Retinopathy, and Maculopathy, sometimes treated and, in some cases, as mentioned above, with not expected or foreseeable results but always useful for other organs and functions.
Dr. Lombardi Massimo
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Citation: Lombardi Massimo. “Retinal Stem Cells Reprogramming”. Ophthalmology and Vision Science 2.1 (2018): 210-213.
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