Research Article
Volume 1 Issue 1 - 2018
Possible Cause of Schizophrenia: Ferric-chloride Disease
Paul TE Cusack*
23 Park Ave. Saint John, NB Canada E2J 1R2
*Corresponding Author:Paul TE Cusack, 23 Park Ave. Saint John, NB Canada E2J 1R2.
Received: April 03, 2018; Published: April 25, 2018
Schizophrenia is an illness that affects 1 in 100 people. It is mainly a northern hemisphere problem. Until nowe, noone knew what caused this scourge. Here is a paper that gives precise chemical reactions from the environment (diet and air) that lead to a host of disease including Sz. It is suggested that researchers look into this chemistry in patients to confirm if Iron and chlorine result in Sz.
Keywords: Schizophrenia; Ferric-chloride disease; Cusack’s disease
The chemistry of the human body is extremely complex. Many disease go uncured because of this apparent complexity. However, we shouldn’t despair. Since he system is in chemical balance and is subject to the laws of chemistry, we can see what and how compound push reaction into a certain conclusion. The system can be figured out. Here, I present what I’ve termed Ferric Chloride Disease. It may be the root cause of disease such as Schizophrenia, Depression, Acne, and Anemia. I suggest that we study Ferric Chloride as an illness causing agent. I present here, some of the reactions that may lead to these and perhaps other diseases.


Iron (III) chloride is toxic, highly corrosive and acidic. The anhydrous material is a powerful dehydrating agent.

Tryptophan +Fe (Iron) cofactor must produce heat. That’s why I had a fever in my brain. In fact, I think they used to say a person had the fever when they had mental illness.

The well crystallized iron (II, III) oxide (Fe3O4) is thermodynamically more stable than the iron (II) hydroxide. This is where the fever comes from - heat released when iron reacts with hydrogen peroxide H2O2.

The Potassium K+ and Calcium Ca+, both necessary for nervous system development, are absorbed by the chlorine Cl- in our drinking water and salt spray (NaCl) in the fog.

The Irish eat a lot of Tomatoes. 15% of the total Vitamin C is in canned Tomatoes. Vitamin c helps in absorption of Iron. Ah......., Iron. Ah..... immune system

The body also needs vitamin C to make collagen, a protein required to help wounds heal. In addition, vitamin C improves the absorption of iron from plant-based foods and helps the immune systemwork properly to protect the body from disease. C-Quick Facts/

I knew a red/blonde head who had a retarded sister who overdosed on vitamin C - lots of orange juice. That would cause his hair to be either red or blonde. When I was in the hospital, I craved milk and orange juice - Calcium ca+, Vitamin D, and Vitamin C I bet the onset of Sz can be prevented by diet alone in red heads with blue eyes and pale skin. They need sunshine - vitamin D (clears acne), milk for calcium, and vitamin c to absorb vitamin C. No oranges in Ireland! There are potatoes that have vitamin C but they also have iron. Iron is bad for red heads. Just do a blood check on iron and that will tell you if Sz is coming.

Theory: The Ferric Chloride Disease Leads to Sz


Iron (III) chloride, also called ferric chloride, is an industrial scale commodity chemicalcompound, with the formula FeCl3. The colour of iron (III) chloride crystals depends on the viewing angle: by reflected light the crystals appear dark green, but by transmitted lightthey appear purple-red

FeCl is purple red. Purple is red and blue as in blue eyes, and red hair. That’s the Irish. At sea level, there is a lot of Oxygen in the air. There is a lot of Fe in the water and soil. And there is a lot of salt in the air.
The O produces H2O2. This reacts with NaCl which produces HCl. this HCl reacts with iron to produce heat. The Iron reacts with tryptophan (serotonin). Heat is produced (fever). Tryptophan is used up and cause depression, Sz, mental retardation, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Infertility etc.

The answer to what causes Sz and weak nervous systems, is Fe, O2 and NaCl - iron, oxygen and salt. The |Irish who have a high incidence of Sz eat a lot of potatoes. I suspect there is a lot of iron in potatoes.

Sz is a disease of the endocrine system. When the thyroid is hyper, it affects the skin organ glands, hair color, acne (sebaceous glands), and the tests overproduce causing abnormal nervous system development (mental retardation, Sz, anxiety, lazy eyes and bulging eyes)

Acne (overactive sebaceous glands secreting oil), poor nails and oversensitivity to pain - skin issues- is evident in red heads. Red hair is caused by high testosterone levels. It turns a blonde to red hair. We see it in menopausal women who were blonds until they lost their estrogen.

Red heads are notorious for poor color choice. Blondes have great color selection. Just look at the wardrobe or a blonde and a red head. Now, they each must see colors differently. Poor color choice leads to pale skin and red hair. Everyone desires the tanned blonde. They have nice white healthy teeth and nails too. Red heads have poor nails, weak teeth, and poor color coordination. They can't help it. This is why young women are over concerned with fashion color choice. Women with a great sense of color is usually blonde and good looking (healthy). Red heads can't coordinate good colors (lots of diseases such as Sz and mental retardation. As Fr McCauley said, appreciating beauty "is in the genes." Red heads don't have it. Blondes are overly concerned with aesthetics (architects, artists, painters, models, etc).

You'll likely find a higher level of color blindness in Sz families. You'll find a lower level of color blindness in blondes.
Hystaphenics and Hemachromatosis
  1. What causes histaphenic sz?
  2. If you have an overload of iron Fe, you will have and overload of ferritin from the liver.
  3. For red heads with high HCl from the marine salt/ oxygen environment.
  4. NaCl + H2O  NaOH + HCl
  5. 8HCl + 2CO2 +2O2  2CCL4 + 4H2O2 (Peroxide)
  6. The peroxide creates the radical oh (no charge) this is a toxin.
  7. High iron in the well water and diet cause (plus alcohol which makes it worse).
  8. Fe ++ + OH  FeO + H++ (Hydrogen Ion)
  9. The hydrogen ion signals to the brain that respiration should decrease thereby decreasing CO2.
  10. Decrease Co2  decrease co (binds iron). (cooley’s anemia) my
Maternal grandmother smoked. My mother had low birth weight (under 5 lbs). My mother must be unable to produce histamine from folic acid. (It also causes anemia. Low Co2 levels lead to low CO levels which bind iron -Cooleys anemia - can't produce hyogloblin to take up iron) The result is a weak nervous system and Sz.
  1. Iron builds up and so does H2O2 and oh radical the fever that comes with the onset of sz is from the body trying to take up the iron overload (hemochromatosis) with transferrin.
  2. Histamine is not turned over fast enough in Sz’s. This reaction is too slow. This is why anticotics are necessary to speed up the histamine turnover.
Wikipedia: Histamine
So this is what causes sz. It ishigh iron levels and oxygen, salt and mist viz. Marine environment)
3CH3-CH2-OH + 3Fe3O2 => 2CH4 (methane) + 3Fe (OH)3 (iron hydroxide)
Fe (OH)3 +3HCl => FeCl3 (toxin) + 3H2O
How does methane affect the human nervous system? I know a drug is produced called cycle meth. Methane is a green house gas. It’s the gas produced by decomposed organics. It’s in the digestive system. This is why Sz's have stinky farts - too much methane :)
C2H4 + 4Cl- => 4HCl (hydro chloric acid) + 2C
4HCl + 2Fe2 (OH)3 => 4FeCl + 3H2O2 (toxic Hydrogen perodxide)
Alcohol produces the same results as a marine environment (NaCl), Iron, and Oxygen. This is why schizophrenics are often alcoholics. The Irish are alcoholics. This is why they have a high incidence of Sz and mental retardation.
If you have alcohol and iron hydroxide, you start with 3 iron and no chlorine; and end with 4 iron and 4 chloride. In other words, your iron and chloride are increase by 25% increase fe and 400% Increase in Cl. Fe causes red hair. Cl produces blonde hair.
Proximate cause
I just realized that both my maternal grandfather (Prince Edward Island) and grandmother (Newfoundland) came from islands. So too did my paternal grandfather (Ireland) and 9grandmother (Scotland).
The cause of a poor nervous system must be from eating seafood or being inbred. Perhaps the is a lack of calcium, or Potassium or some other mineral that helps the development of the nervous system. What foods do they eat on an island and what minerals are needed in the development of the nervous system?
Ah that's it! Salt water:
NaCl + Ca += > CaCl2 + Na +
CaCl + H2O => 2 HCl + CaO (Chalk)
CaO + 2Hcl => CaCl2 + H2O
It’s the hydrochloric acid that causes weak nervous system in any marine environment. Therefore there is so much mental illness in Saint John - Irish and sea spray. The chloride takes up the calcium. None left for nervous system development.
So the teeth and bones are weak. Low calcium. My paternal aunt and paternal grandmother had osteoporosis. High sodium would cause high blood pressure. So people on island of salt water surroundings should take lots of calcium.
Calcium, chloride and potassium are neurotoxins in differ chemicals. Salt water. Mother's bathed in salt water.  We should find a higher incidence of Sz near coast lines. I know our cathedral mortar joints have deteriorated from salt spay and its 1 km from the sea water.
One thing I can't do is to dance. It requires a strong nervous system. This is why part of the mating process involves dancing. Women are checking for a healthy nervous system. White men can't dance! The Black are known to be excellent dancers. They have a healthy nervous system and this is how it is expressed. They also have more offspring as do athletes you'll find if you look. As the women say, “Tall, dark and handsome” Not “short, pale and abnormal facial dimensions.”
Iron in the water
2Fe2O3+ 4H2O +H2 => 4Fe + 5H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide = toxic)
H2O2 + 2Ca => 2CaO + H2
NaCl + H2 => HCl (Hydro chloric acid) + Na
Fe (OH)3 +3HCl => FeCl3 (Toxic) + 3H2O
Nature's way of combatting a male who has no sex is to produce more testosterone - the sex hormone found in men and women. Nature’s way of eliminating a male who doesn't have much sex is to produce children incapable of functioning with Sz. This is why the illness has an onset in child rearing years before 30 for men, and 25 for women. My paternal uncle has Alzheimer's. He drinks well water with Lime.
Quicklime is produced according to the reaction: CaCO3+ heat →   CaO+ CO2.
H2O2 + 2Ca => 2 CaO +2H
H+ NaCl => HCl + Na
2HCl + CaO => CaCl2 + H2O
CaCl is a toxic food additive. Check you can of tomatoes.
My mother’s cousins from opposite sides of the family had two several retarded children. The mother had red hair. My father's sister had red hair and acne scarring. He had a brother with red hair. So I've got red heads on both sides of the family. I ended up with Sz. Have cousin who are all red heads three generations deep. My mother has a hyperthyroid problem. I have large testicles - high testosterone - from my father not having too much sex. When a male doesn't have normal sexual activity, the next generation has larger testicles to be more aggressive to ensure the genes survive. Unfortunately this combination cause Sz. It may also cause mental retardation.
The redness of the soil is due to the high iron-oxide (rust) content. The aboriginal peoples of P.E.I., known as the Mi'kmaq, inhabited the Island long before European explorers traversed the area in the 16th century. My maternal grandfather from Prince Edward Island has high iron content in the soil. They are known for potatoes production in PEI. That's where he got the high iron.
L-tryptophan+ tetrahydrobiopterin+ O2 5-Hydroxytryptophan+ dihydrobiopterin + H2O Sz should be called ferric chloride disease. It employs one additional cofactor,iron. Our house had a well that water with too much iron and salt. From the road, nearby. Before i had schizophrenia, i ate lots of sunflower seeds - tryptophan. That combined with the iron lead to schizophrenia. Too much iron in the water is a toxin to the nervous system.
IT CAUSES SZ and a host of other nervous disorders. Dissolving iron orein hydrochloric acid
Iodine and the thyroid  
FeI3 + 3NaCl (Sea salt mist) => FeCl3 (ferric Chloride toxin) + 3NaI
If you have a lot of spare Fe, you'll draw a lot of Iodine. This results in hyperthyroidism. That affects your endocrine system resulting in high testosterone and red hair, and large genitals, and aggressive obnoxious personality. A sea side environment or island environment results in ferric chloride chloride. Alcohol makes it worse. NaI is very soluble in methanol. Methanol is a product of alcohol
3CH3-CH2-OH +3Fe3O2 => 2CH4 (methane) + 3Fe (OH)3 (iron hydroxide)
20NaI +CH3-CH2-OH => 20Na+ (aq) + 5CI4 +6H+ (aq)
(Sodium = High Blood Pressure)
(Acidic Blood = Elevated Levels of Iron in The Blood)
My doctor told me I have elevated levels of Iron in my blood work. That's why. My mother has hyperthyroidism and high blood pressure. I probably have a problem with my thyroid as well.
In the skin organ, the melanin produced is to protect the skin from ultraviolet light. Re D heads are known to burn in the sun. Therefore there should be a higher incidence of schizophrenia in cloudy environments such as Ireland and Northern climates.
N high doses, bromoform mainly slows down regular brain activity, which is manifested by symptoms such as sleepiness or sedation.  
In my family (maternal aunt and maternal grandmother, I had sleepiness. I sleep 17 hours- terrible time getting up in the mornings for school and work. I rise at 10 AM. I go to bed at 5 AM.
This is why: chlorine in the water. Chlorine affect regular brain activity. So that's it. The Ferric Chloride Diseace Or Sz Has Been Solved.
In Ferric Chloride disease, if you have more iron than chlorine, you'll have red hair. If you have more chlorine than iron, you'll have blond hair. It’s a thin line that crossed by menopausal women keeping iron. Blondes are not better than red heads for the disease. H2O2 also causes blonde hair. So does hydrochloric acid.
Immediate Cause
Tryptophan hydroxylase (TPH) is an enzyme(EC1.14.16.4) involved in the synthesis of the neurotransmitter serotonin. TPH catalyzes the following chemical reaction.
I'm not going to dig into menstruating women, but too much iron causes red hair and associated nervous disorders including Alzheimer's and Sz. What about menopause? What about child birth. Its all easy now. Sz is solved. I would guess that more men than women have Sz proportionally because men don't menstruate depleting their iron. Iron builds up in men causing Sz.
Since iron is a key, I'd check the spleen for blood production and iron in the blood. Second I would check the liver for breakdown of too much Iron. Alcoholism might affect the liver's capacity to breakdown Iron. Sz have alcoholism in their bloodlines. So, check liver and spleen.
If you want to know what I think is the root cause of Schizophrenia, it is too much testosterone. Red heads are known to have high sensitivity to pain. Male red heads also have large testicles (testosterone) for their genes to survive because they are less sexually desirable than say blonds or any other complexion for that matter.
Many people on Earth descend from Abraham - as many as sand on the sea shore. David, the Bible says, had a ruddy (red) complexion. Testosterone causes acne. Red heads usually have bad skin. Weight Lifters who muse the steroid testosterone break out in acne for the first time after using artificial testosterone. The Irish are known for quintessential red heads. The Irish have a preponderance of schizophrenia.
The line of David - a Red Jew (red hair and blue eyes) - made its way to Ireland through Mileisus from Jewish Khazaria (Kazakhstan). The French throne descends from Machir of Narbonne who was invite to France to set up a Kingdom from Israel. Charles VI, a French King, was a paranoid schizophrenic Historians tell us.
Another famous schizophrenic was Van Gogh. He was a red head too. The Davidic marker is DYS 391=12. This is the line of Jacob. So that's it. Prove me wrong or right.
If you want to check you preponderance toward Sz, get your blood tested for thyroid hormones and testosterone. If you have an imbalance and high levels of the sex hormone, boys and girls, get checked by a psychiatrist. It’s only a blood test. Take your medication prescribed whether you need it or not. If you are thin, Caucasian, red headed, Catholic, and have few siblings, and are Irish especially, get checked. I'm NOT a doctor, but this is what I've figured out on my own.
If you want something to research, look at vitamin D in Sz's. Islands such as PEI, Newfoundland, Scotland and Ireland have low levels of sunlight. Therefore the inhabitants have low vitamin d levels and thus pale skin (red hair, blue eyes, and pale skin).
Deficiency in Vitamin D causes calcium diseases such as rickets. Calcium is needed for nervous system development.
Calcitriol circulates as a hormonein the blood, regulating the concentration of calciumand phosphatein the bloodstream and promoting the healthy growth and remodeling of bone.
On the other hand, blacks have strong white teeth and good nervous system development (sports agility). They have dark skin to avoid too much vitamin D production. Perhaps addition of vitamin D in milk causes Sz. It’s as bad as chlorine in the drinking water. Check vitamin D levels in the Sz's. It’s either too high or too low. What they need is sunlight. (Red neck)
If you have more than a normal level of testosterone, you'll have smart, highly sensitive, aggressive people. If you have a bit more, you end up with idiots. Too much and you have mental retardation. Way too much, you have severe mental retardation.
If you get a map of the world locating iron deposits, you'll find the highest incidence of Sz in areas where Iron is most concentrated in the soil, water and food. If you look at the same with costal environments, you'll find an even higher incidence of Sz.
If you can find the virus that causes Graves’ disease, you've found the beginnings of Sz. I had a fever before the onset of Sz. And I was under severe emotional stress. So that's it. Find people with bulging eyes and test for viruses in their systems. Check for viruses in the brain of Sz patients. Then develop an antibody to be administered immediately - during the fever, or in the children of those parents (or mothers) with Graves’s disease.
I had red eyes growing up from an allergy to cigarette smoke from my father who smoked. This is a symptom of hyperthyroidism. My mother was highly allergic to second hand smoke. He eventually quite smoking. She always had red eyes. My cousins on both sides of the family had grey hair in their 20's. Another symptom Oaf autoimmune system problems.
If you are a psychiatrist, ask an endocrinologist how the thyroid and testicles hormones interact. The cure is simple: everybody should be having more sex so as not to affect the kids testosterone levels. I would call Schizophrenia either "Sz" or "Cusack's disease." You could call it "Ferric Chloride" disease too.
I wonder if acne is not caused by ferric chloride? People with ferric chloride would have a lot of tryptophan hydrolease with the iron cofactor. This causes high testosterone levels resulting in acne. Weight lifters who take the steroid testosterone break out in acne for the first in their live.
I just figured out why there are far more blonde women than men. It’s because they have less iron in their blood. Menstruating women lose that iron. Their hair is blonde. Men don't menstruate of course so it’s rare to have a blonde male.
When a blonde woman goes through menopause, they don't lose the iron and their hair turns red like my cousin Mary. Red heads are obnoxious because they had to be to survive. They are the least desirable complexion in the world. Blondes are the most desirable ion the entire world. So the is a bit a Fe between blondes and red heads. One has a superiority complex and the other an inferiority complex.
So why do so many kids have blonde hair until they are teenagers?  
I have a friend Slattery which is a royal Irish Dalcassian name. He is a schizophrenic. The genetic profile is RL21- L226. It’s the Irish Type III's. I had a close friend who's hair was so red it was almost orange. He was an alcoholic in his early twenties. He consumed a lot of hard liquor.
The Ferric Chloride Disease!
Don't eat canned tomatoes or pickles if you have red hair and have blue eyes. CaCl is an ingredient. Check the can. There is likely more onset of Sz in the winter months than the summer in the norther climates because there is more oxygen in the cold air. We know Sz is a northern hemisphere problem.
2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) turns one's hair blonde. So does chlorine. Iron turns it red. Someone who is sometime red and sometimes blonde is at risk of developing Sz because they are borderline in the biochemistry. Environment (salt) and food (potatoes, oranges, tomatoes, milk, vitamin d and c) intake can make all the difference.
Green eyes and blonde hair is low iron and low susceptibility to nervous disorders. They have strong teeth calcium. Check the color wheel. Grave's disease in the mother during pregnancy causes Sz. Grave's disease affects the nervous system. Graves is caused by a virus. Emotional stress weakens the autoimmune system. That's why patients with Sz have a fever before the onset of Sz. Check for the virus that causes grave's disease and you found the cause of sz.
From a scientific point of view (no politics please) you'll find an overwhelming percentage of sports requiring agility are Black (Baseball). If you check Sports which require aggression, you find red beards (high testosterone). (Hockey) It plain but people refuse to admit it. Now the FBI will shut me down likely just as we get to a cure. Blacks are also dancers, and platy football - both require agility. It has nothing to do with socioeconomics. It’s the nervous system development. Blacks are superior. Red Heads are inferior in this respect.
Before I had my second bout with Sz, I overdosed on orange juice. I lost 10 pounds from my normal 165 lbs to 155 lbs (6 feet tall). Vitamin C is involved in the absorption of Iron. My body must have been trying to absorb the excess iron. IRON is the major factor in Sz and Mental Retardation. Diet is important for those at risk.
FelzCS = Fel'- zes disease or Cusack's Disease or Sz
Fe3O4 (s) + 8HCl (aq) →   FeCl2 (aq) + 2FeCl3 (aq) + 4H2
Depression and Associated Alcoholism  
Depression is caused by low serotonin. Serotonin is produced from tryptophan. If you break down too much tryptophan, you wind up with to low levels of serotonin, thus depression and schizophrenia.

Serotonin is produced by sunlight. Marine environments lack sunlight, thus depressed residents. If level of serotonion are really low, you wind up with sz.

Chlorine is blue, and Iron is reddish brown. FeCl is what makes blue eyes blue; and Fe makes red hair red. Blondes have more chlorine and less iron; red heads have more iron and less chlorine. Orange hair must be sulphur or phosphate.

Drawbacks to Water Chlorination


Bulging eyes is a symptom of a thyroid problem in mother or child.

At Sea Level, there is more O2 in the air.

O+ H2O => H2O2 (Hydrogen peroxide) = toxin

H2O2 + 2Ca => 2CaO (chalk) + 2H

H + NaCl => HCl (Hydrochloric acid) + Na (Sodium)

2HCl + CaO => H2O + CaCl2 (toxin)

As far as pigment goes, the Irish are know to have red hair and blue eyes. Red and blue make brown. Brown is the color of iron oxide. Looking for mental retardation and Sz, try red heads with blue eyes. I have blue eyes.
Another test that could be easily administered is the color preference test. If they prefer blue (eyes Toronto Maple Leafs Sweaters), or orange (like Van Gogh), they might well be candidates for Sz. My cousin always buys a blue truck. He has red hair. My orange headed friend prefers the Toronto Maple Leafs. You'll find more Sz prefer blue and orange.

Another chemical they should not put in your water is Chlorine. Ferric chloride FeCl3 is toxic. All researchers have to do is determine what gene causes red hair and high testosterone. A lack of orgasms will result in a generational build-up of high testosterone. You need the sexual release to have normal testosterone levels. I guess high testosterone causes a high metabolism rate as well - no fat.

Fe(OH)2 →   Fe3O4 + H2 + 2H2O

LSD and SZ 
The NaOH in those living in a marine environment reacts with the H on the 8 position forming NaCl and HOH. The HCL and Iron in the blood strip the NH2 off of the DNA molecule. This is why LSD induces Sz.

NaOH + LSD + FeCl==> NaCl +H2O
Fe + HCl==> strips NH2 off benzene ring on A-C-T-G.

Fe is a reducer of Nitro group with HCl. So are Sn and Zn.

Sz is simple. In an island environment, you have a salty mist. The salt produces HCl. The high iron in diet and water produce Fe. Fe reduces the nitro group on the DNA. That is why there is high NH2 in Sz blood. The Iron replaces the NH2 on the DNA.

NaCl +H2O (salt spray on an island) ==> NaOH (low blood pressure) + HCl

HCl with Iron strips the NH2 off the DNA molecules. You have high oxygen levels in a marine island environment.

The salt is prepared by treating sodium hydroxide with mixtures of nitrogen dioxideand nitric oxide: 2 NaOH + NO2 + NO →   2 NaNO2 + H2O
The conversion is sensitive to the presence of oxygen, which can lead to varying amounts of sodium nitrate.

R-|NH2 + NaONO2 + 2HCl ==> R-N=N + NaCl + 2HOH

Chlorine from FeCl2 attaches to the benzene ring on the DNA molecule with HCl and NaO+NO2 at 0 degrees C. n (Cold North Atlantic environment, Ireland or Madagascar)

I wonder if this isn't the way iron replaces the NH2?

Cl - Cl- Fe - Cl3 ==> Cl -Cl- Fe -Cl3 (Negative Fe) ====> Cl + Cl-Fe -Cl3 (Negative Fe)

FeCl +Na ==> NaCl + Fe

Fe +O ==> FeO

2 Na + 3O + H2 ==> NaOH + H2O

H-C==C -H + FeCl2 ==> H-C = FeCl +Cl

2Cl +Fe ==>FeCl2

H-C==C -H +NH2 <==> H-c=C + NH3

H -C=C + CCl4 + 3 Na => H-C=C-Cl + 3NaCl (High salt)

H-C=C + CRR-O ==> H-C=C -C RR -O

H-C=C-CRR-O +HOH ==> H-C=C-C RR-O-H+ NaOH (Low Blood Pressure)

NaOH + 2NaCl + 2H2O => NaCl + HCl +2NaOH + H2 (g)

Half the salt for nervous system and twice the NaOH for lower blood pressure. Alcohol accelerates the process of NaOH production. It only took two years of living in a house with water contaminated with iron oxide to cause Sz. The cause of Sz is simple: it’s the iron replacing the NH2 on a c t and g.
Note the following from Wikipedia: Abnormally low concentrations of endogenous phenethylamine are found in those suffering from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD), [13]whereas abnormally high concentrations have been discovered to have a strong, positive correlation with the incidence of schizophrenia. [14]

Wikipedia Madasgar
Siltation looks like there is lots of iron in the oil causing iron overload and sz in the population there is a bacteria called H Pylori that can survive low pH environments such as the stomach. It is thought is produces and enzyme called urease. This produces ammonia. (Sz's have high levels of NH2)

O2- (radical) + O2- + 2H+ ==> H2O +O2

2H2O2 ==> 2H2O + O2

H2O2 + 2H+ ==> 2H2O
Denmensia and sz
Kills cells including brain cells. I wonder if Sz's don't have this bacterium in their stomach. I know I started have trouble with my stomach in my last year of university after Lugi Rocca infected me and a friend at a dinner party with his excrement in the spaghetti sauce.

Blondes can have severe acne as well. It starts with the wast product of celluar metabolism H2S

H2S + 4H2o ==> H2SO4 + 10 H++ (decrease respiration)

20H2 + 2CO2 +8O2 ==> 10 C2H4O2 (acetic acid)

C2H4O2 + HCl + 2O2 ==> 2CCL4 + 6H2O

CCL4 + FeO ==FeCl + CO (binds iron) + Cl2

CCL4 + NaOH ==> 4NaCl + 2H2O + O2 (an artificial marine environment)

In my own case, I'm told I have chocolate brown hair. Why?

NaCl + H2O ==> NaOH + HCl

2FeO + 2HCl ==> 2FeCl + H2O2

FeCl + NaOH ==> Fe (OH)3 + NaCl

Fe (OH) is chocolate brown in color
Pulp Mills
H2SO4 (Sulphuric Acid Pulp Mill) + O2 (Marine environment - higher O2 =>
H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) + SO4 (sulphate ion)

2HNO (Nitrous acid) + SO4- => H2SO4 + 2 NO- (nitric oxide)

2NO- + 2H2 => N2 (Nitrogen - see previous pages) + H2O
High iron in the blood next to a pulp mill and roitten egg smell
FeS + 2HCl →  FeCl2 (toxin) + H2S

I know 3 people who lived within 2 miles or less from the largest Irving pule mill in Canada who had Alz. All three are dead.

H2SO4 + H2O< => H3O+ + HSO4-

HSO4- + H3O <=> H3O + SO4-

H3O is an Acid Yielding H+

H+ NaCl => HCl + Na+ (high sodium in blood causes heart disease)

2HCl + CaO => CaCl2 + H2O

HCl + FeO => FeCl (toxin) + OH-

NaOH causes low blood pressure.

2NO2 (reddish brown) + 2H2(SO4) (sulfuric acid bleach) + H2 => 2N(SO4) (Nitric acid) + 4H2O
Just before I had Sz, I was reading a dietary book. Besides the recommended sunflower seeds, Molasses was recommended. We always had molasses in the house because dad grew up on it in the 1930's. Molasses is high in Iron I recall- therefore ferric chloride disease.

Interesting that rum is made from the same ingredients as molasses. They make molasses in Saint John NB- Crosbys. That must be the connection between alcohol and Sz. I used to drink Canadian Club Wisky. It has iron content.

Lime, Iron, and Chlorine
Iron in the well water:

Fe2O3 (iron in well water) + 3CaCl2 (canned tomatoes) = 2 FeCl3 (toxin) + 3CaO (Lime)

Hard water (lime):

NaCl (salt mist) + H2O => NaOH (Low blood pressure) + HCl (Hydrochloric acid)

CaO (well water lime) + 2 HCl (stomach) => H2O2 (Hydrogen peroxide toxic) + 2CaCl

H2O2 + 6 CaCl +2 Fe => 2FeCl3 + 6 CaO (more lime) + 3H2 (g) + heat

2FeCl3 (toxic) + 2 NH3 + heat =>
6 HCl (more hydrochloric acid) + 2 Fe (High Iron Levels in Blood) + N2
Chlorine in the city water
Cl2 + H2 => 2HCl

Menstruating women lose the Fe excess so it slows the process. But they should show high levels of Alzheimer's but less Sz. For sz you need testosterone too. Iron is a cofactor in breaking down tryptophan to serotonin. Red Heads have too much acid in their system, which is why the have digestive problems.

There must be an interaction between the Thyroid hormone and Testosterone. The thyroid regulates the metabolism. How many fat red heads do you see? Not many if any.

Check for hypo and hype thyroid. Check the size of the testicles. There you will find Sz predictors. You will also find predictors of mental retardation. Think how many red heads you know who have retardation in their families. I know a lot. Those who don't are very aggressive.

Sz is the result of too large testicles from a lack of sex with hypretyroidism
There is a thin line between red heads and blonds. Some very blond women turn red headed after child birth. The hormone levels determine the color of your hair.

In menopausal women, they have a decrease in Estrogen. Therefore their testosterone concentration would increase. Thus their hair turns red (and they grow mustaches.)

So the key to curing Sz is for everyone to have lots of sex. Cure! Eureka!

Blondes with Blue Green Eyes Have an Iron Deficiency.

CuSO4 + Fe→  FeSO4+ Cu

Red heads with blue eyes have an iron surplus.

NaCl + Fe ==> FeCl + Na++

The waste process from cells is your hair color. It is H2O and either NO2 or H2O and H2s. Blondes have the latter whereas red heads have the former. NO2 is reddish brown. Sulphur is yellow.

Cell Metabolism: Is this how human life began?

Al2Si2O5 (OH)4 (Kaolinite) + 2C3H6 ==> C6H12O6 + C32 + 2H2O

Zu+ + Cu (s) ==> Zn(s) + Cu + (energy)

NH2 -CR -OH + 2NaCl ==> NH2 -C=R - Na + Cl- (electron)

H2SO4 + 5NH2 + C6H12O6 + 2H2O = 1/2O2 ==> 2C3H4O3 (Pyruvic acid) + PO4-- + 3H2O + 5 NH3 (Lightening)

C6H12O6 + 6O2 ==> 6CO2 + H2O

For dimensia,

CaCl2 + 12C6H8O2 (gum) + CaO = 15H2O ==. 2Ca (OH)2 + 2HCl + 12CH2 + 42O2

Fe + HCl + O2 ==. FeCl + O2 ==. FeCl +H2O

CH2 + 2O2 + 4HCl ==. CCL4 + 2H2O2 + 2H++

FeCl + 4H++ + 3(OH)2 ==.2Fe2 (OH)3 + 4Hcl

H2O2 (toxic) + 2H++ ==. H2 + (OH)2 (radical)

Ca (OH)2 + Cl2 ==. CaCl2 + 2(OH) (radical)

CCL4 + O2 + H+ ==.CO (Kills cells) + 2Cl2 + H2O

3Fe2 (OH)3 ==. 3FeO + 9H_++ (lowers pH kills cells)

In a marine environment where there is salt and mist. If you have lime in the well water, the pH is higher and cells are killed (perhaps in the brain).

2NaCl (salt) + 2H2O (mist) ==> 2NaOH + 2HCl

8HCl + 2CaO (lime) ==> CaCl4 + 2H2O + 4H++ (acid)

If we add alcohol to the mix, with high iron levels from diet and well water, we have:

Fe++ + OH ==> FeO (rust) + H++ (acid)

You wind up with a hydrogen iron overload which decreases respiration and increases cell death.

In the kidneys, NH3 Ammonia is formed. Sz have high levels of NH2 amines. They have a repugnant order. Sz's have repugnant odder to their urine because of theses amines.

How it forms is the H++ Hydrogen ions come from the excessive respiration CO2. This produces a lot of H++ Ions. These ions combine with the NH2 and for NH3.

A test for Sz that could be done by psychiatrists is to test the urine for high Ammonia levels.

When you have CaO (lime), iron and oh radicals, you get:

CaO + H2O2 ==> CaOH + H++ + O2

Fe ++ + OH ==> FeO + H+

The hydrogen ion decreases the respiration and O2 intake resulting in cell death. I you have an overload of fe, you will have and overload of ferritin from the liver.

For red heads with high HCl from the salt environment.

8HCl + 2CO2 +2O2 ==> 2CCL4 + 4H2O2 (Peroxide)

The peroxide creates the radical oh (no charge) this is a toxin.

Fe ++ + OH ==> FeO + H++ (Hydrogen Ion)

The hydrogen ion signals to the brain that respiration should decrease thereby decreasing CO2:

Decrease CO2 ==> decrease co (binds iron).

Iron Builds Up and So Does H2O2 and Oh Radical.
It is the LCT gene that breaks down Lactose. It also is functional in blood plasma and the liver and kidney.
Amino Acid 5 DNA Base Triplets 6 M-RNA Codons 7 T-RNA Anticodons
alanine 9             CGA, CGG, CGT, CGC 10 GCU, GCC, GCA, GCG 11 CGA, CGG, CGU, CGC
When you have high CO2 levels in the blood from a high O2 marine environment (high atmospheric pressure), the result is H++ and CO3. This causes the chloride shift in the RBC. This might well be the mechanism that's Fe overload (FeCl2) and HCl in the blood of red heads.

At a higher rate of respiration, we have higher NAHCO3

2CaO (lime) + 4H2PO4 (blood) + 2H2O2 ==> 2Ca (H2PO4)2 + 4H2 +O2

4CaNa (PO4) + NaHCO3 + 2O2 ==>

NaOH (Low blood pressure) + 2CO2 + 4CaO
(Base) + 2Na2PO4 (base)

8HCl + 2NaOH + CaO + 2Na2PO4 ==> 6NaCl (salt) + CaCl2 + 2H2PO4 (Blood)

This Leads To Dimensia

NaCOH3 + O2 ==> NaCOH + H2O2 (Hydrogen peroxide)

NaCOH + H2O2 ==> NaOH + CO (binds Fe in Hg = death of cells) + H2O

At sea level, there is high atmospheric pressure. There is also high oxygen levels. Second you have low blood pressure. So the gas exchange in the lungs is abundant.

If one has high Fe in the blood, you will have high FeO levels. This leads to FeCl with salt in the air. This leads to ferric dichloride disease.

Since air leaves the lungs when there is high air pressure inside. The lung, and lower pressure outside the lung, then at sea level, where atmospheric pressure is high and blood pressure low, air stays in the lungs. Air contains nitrogen. This may explain why sz have high no^2 levels in their blood. Thus they have reddish brown complexion.

For Blondes

H2SO3 + CO2 ==> CO + SO4 - +H++

If you have abundant CO2, then you have high hydrogen ion concentration which activates the respiration centre in the brain. Blondes expel much more CO2. They don't have as high a metabolism as red results in diabetes in people with reddish complexion.

C15H11O4I4 (thyroxin) +H2O2+O2==> C6H12O6 (Sugar = Diabetes) + 8CH2 + CO2 + I-
Red heads don't have this as much as blondes:

2HCl + CO2 ==> CCl4 H2O2 + O2

Here is why red heads have gastrolienal problems:

4HCl +CO2 (Plenty in O2 Environment) ==> CCl4 + 2H2O

CCl4 + 2FeO (Oxygen and Fe Rich Envt) ==> 2FeCl2 (Iron Overload) + CO2

Repeats with too much HHCL from salt environment


H2SO4 + CO2 (Plenty) ==> CO (Binds Fe) + SO3 + H2O2

No iron overload - good gastrointestinal.

Lime and Dimensia

2CaO (lime) + 4H2PO4 (blood) + 2H2O2 ==> 2Ca (H2PO4)2 + 4H2 + O2

4CaNa (PO4) + NaHCO3 + 2O2 ==>

NaOH (Low blood pressure) + 2CO2 + 4CaO (base) +2Na2PO4 (base)

8HCl + 2NaOH + CaO + 2Na2PO4 ==> 6NaCl (salt) + CaCl2 + 2H2PO4 (Blood)

This Leads to Dimensia


2CaO (LIME) + 4H2PO4 (Blood) + 2H2O2 (Peroxide) ==> 2Ca (H2PO4)2 + 4H2O + O2

If you have high Cl- in your blood, and high CHO3 (fatty acids in your blood, and low SO4- in your blood, you will have acne. It’s as simple as that.

6CH2O3 (Trans fatty acids) + SO4-(blood) ==> C6H12O6 (sugar) + H2SO4 (sulphuric acid) + 6H2O

C6H12O6 (sugar) + H2SO4 (sulphuric acid) + 6H2O + 4H++ ==> SO4- + H2O + 6CH4 (methane) + 8O2

H + + NaCl ==> HCl (acne) + Na + (nervous)

C15H11O4I4 (thyroxin) +H2O2+O2==> C6H12O6 + 8CH2 +CO2 + I-

H2SO3 + CO2 ==> CO (Takes Up the Extra Fe++) + SO4- + H2

Result: NO FeCl, and no acne.
Chlorinated Water Causes Acne

2H2O + Cl2 ==> 2HCl + O2

2Fe++ + 2HCl + O2 ==> 2FECl + H2O + FeO

The internal cure for acne is to take H2SO4. Where do you get it? It’s in horse urine.


Equilenin Sulphate Has H2SO4 Attached to the Carbon Rings

When a blonde kisses a red head, the result is HCl. There is an acidic taste from the siliva exchange.

SO4 + 2HCl <==>SCl2 + H2O

It’s not that blondes have more H2SO4; it’s that red heads have more HCl. Of course this comes from the marine environment.

It’s not that blondes have more H2SO4; it’s that red heads have more HCl in balance. Of course the HCl comes from the marine environment NaCl.

The chemistry is different between blondes and red heads. Red heads have HCl acid. Blondes have H2SO3 acid.
H2SO3 + CO2 => CO (Takes Up the Extra Fe++) + SO4- + H2

Red Heads
2HCl + 2CO2 ==> 2CCl4 + H2O2 (Hydrogen Pewroxide) + O2

Iron is at the centre of hemoglobin. If the body can't produce hemoglobin, the cells die, including the brain. This results in mental retardation.

2NaCl (Marine Envt) + 2 CO2+ 2FeO (RUST) + 2 NH2 (Amines in Sz) +O2 (Marine Envt) ==>

2Na(OH) (Low Blood Pressure) + 2HCl (Acne) + 2CO ++FeO (Binds to Hemeglobin Fe) +NO2 (Reddish Brown Coomplexion)

The result is Cooley anemia and mental retardation (brain cells starved of oxygen). Nervous system diseases such as sz, dimensia, and Alzheimer’s and Even sensitivity to Pai are problems with the fe and cu in the body. Red heads have too much Fe and too little cu. For blondes, they have a proper balance of fe and cu.

NH2 + 6HCl + O2 ==> NO2 + 2H++ + 2H2O

FeII + O2 ==> FeIIIO2 CuII + H++ ==> Fe IVCuII (OH) - : Cu(OH) ==>

Cu (OH) + H++ ==> H2O ==> Fe (III): Cu (II) ==> e ==> Fe (III): Cu (I) + e ==> Cu (I)

Wghen you have a lot of salt in your system or environs, you have high sodium levels too. High sodium leads to high HCl levels. When combined with CaO (base=lime) and FeO (rust), you wind up with a calcium chloride pump.

4HCl + FeO + CaO ==> CaCl2 + FeCl2 + CaO + 2H2O

CaCl2 + FeO ==> CaO (more lime) + FeCl2 (more Ferric Chloride)

Calcium Chloride is found in canned tomatoes as an additive. Chlorine is found in our water. Fe is found in the diet. And lime is found in well water.

What results is FeCl and a depletion of the Fe for hemoglobin. The loss of oxygen results in tiredness and cell death, particularly the nervous system cells.
Obese people have healthy hair and skin:
Obese people have slow metabolisms, and I’ve noticed they infrequently have acne. They usually have nice skin and hair. Why?

The thyroid regulates metabolism. If you have a low Iodine (hypothyroidism), you will have the following reactions:

4HCl + I2  2H2I + 4Cl-

3Cl- +Fe ++  FeCl3 (Ferric chloride disease.)

If the I2 is low, the slow the metabolism will result in obese people. Low I2 results in less Ferric Chloride and less acne. My mother had hypothyroidism. When she took synthetic iodine, her hair became wavy.

Cooley's anemia

NaCl (marine environ) + HCl ==> NaOH (low blood pressure) + HCl

2HCl + 2Fe++ (necessary to carry oxygen) ==> 2FeCl + H2

2 FeCl + 2O2 ==> 2FeO2 (rust insoluble) + Cl2

The Fe is used up in FeCl. Results in cell death due to lack of oxygen. May be the start of mental retardation in red heads.

The only difference between blonds and red heads is whether the H2 is taken up by HCl or H2SO4.

The blonds have more H2SO4 which is yellow. The red heads have high HCl from a salt saturated environment NaCl which forms FeCl which is reddish purple.

Post menopausal blonde women develop red hair as they retain more iron which forms the FeCl. Their hair turns from pure blond to pure red.

Sz have high levels of NH2 in their blood. NH2 is available to form an amine hormone Thyroxin. The Sz would experience hyperthyroidism - fast metabolism. So Sz would be ectomorphic.

Thyroid stimulating Hormone (TSH) produces Luteinizing Hormone (LH) which stimulates production of Testosterone. This is why Sz have large testes. In females, the hormone over produced is adrenocorticotrophic (ACTH) which stimulates growth of the mammary gland. This is why red headed females have large breasts.

The thyroid hormones regulate the maturity of the nervous system. So, if the pregnant mother has a hyperthyroid, the offspring may have an over developed central nervous system (large head, long spine)

The Thyroid regulates blood pressure by increasing the number of receptors in blood vessels. Calcitonin is a thyroid hormone which regulates calcium uptake. The antagonist here is Parathyroid hormone (PTH). IPTH affects the activation of vitamin D. Vitamin D absorbs hydroxide (OH). NaOH causes low blood pressure. Low blood pressure causes glaucoma, especially in Africans. Low calcium results is weak bones also.

The other amine hormone is epinephrine. It is secrete by the adrenal glands. This is why red head are "hot headed." The testosterone they have gives them poor skin, hair and nails. The testosterone affects the thyroid balance. Epinephrine is the result.
Imbalance in Inner Ear (Sz Ringing): Lack CacO3

2CaCO3 (inner ear) + 2HCl (marine) + H2 + O2 (marine) ==> 2Cacl + [COO(OH)2 + H2] (Vitamin K) ==> Tryptophan ==> serotonin

H2O2 (Hydrogen peroxide bleach) + NH2 (amines) ==> NO2 (red hair) + 2H2

Here is why some people have hearing difficulties. The nerves are not firing fast enough due to a lack of Na++

6C8H10N4O2(tea caffeine) + Ca++ + 25O2 (marine environment) ==>
8C6H12O6(sugar) + CaO(lime) + 4NO2(red hair) + 5H2O + H2

H2 + 2NaCl (Marine environment) ==> 2HCl + 2Na+ (nervous system pain sensitivity)

4CaO + 4Hcl ==> 4CaCl + 2H2O + O2

Fe++ + 2HCl ==> FeCl2 + H2

Na++ + CaO (white urine) + HCl (acne) ==> NaOH (low blood pressure) + CaCl

2CaCl + Fe ==> FeCl2 + 2Ca++ (Imbalance in Neuro Ions)

If you drink tea, the caffeine causes path to be released and Ca++ is released from the bones. So tea drinkers have weak bones (Ostioprosis)

Why blondes don't marry red heads:

Na2SO4 + H2O ==> 2NaOH(Sz) + H2SO4

Cu++ + H2SO4 ==> 3CuO (Green Eyes) + +H2 + SO3(Blonde Hair)

2FeCl (Red Heads) + 2SO3 ==> 2FeS (Pyrite) +Cl2 + 3O2

H2 + Cl2 ==> 2HCl

CuO + FeS ==> Cu3S2 + FeO(Rust)

FeO + HCl ==> strips NH2 off DNA molecules = Sz

2NaCl + 2NaOH + 2H2SO4==> 2Na2SO4 (methyl orange = orange hair) +2HCl + H2O

Na2SO4 + 2C ==> NaS + 2CO2 (Breath)

Why are red heads more sensitive to pain and jittery or hot headed aggitated?

Because they have more Na in their blood.
Note: NaOH + H2O ==> Na+ + OH- +H2O

==> Na+ (nerves) + H+ (acid) + H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide bleaches red hair to blonde)


The pressure in an eyeball is like a balloon with exterior pressure decreasing governed by:

P1V1 = P2V2

Say 15 Psi Drops To 14 PSI

15 V1 = 14 V2

V2/V1 = 15/14 = 1.0714 A 7.14% increase in volume with a pressure drop of 1 psi.

This is what happens with glouacoma.

Why do people with glauocoma have osteroporious?

Because the Ca+ is absorbed by the FeCl

Ca+ + FeCl ==> Fe +CaCl

CaCl + H2O==> CaO + HCl+ H+ (acid)

H+ + NH2 ==> NH3 (ammonia = stable)

Why does caffeine in tea cause glaucoma?

5C8H10N4O2 (tea) + 12 FeCl2 (ferric chloride disease) + NO2 (red hair|) +5O2 (marine environment) +10H2O (tea)
==> 6 CCl4 +6Fe3O3 + 21 NH2 (amines Sz) + 4C8H16O8 (sugar = diabetes) + H2
Red hair to blonde

NO2 (red hair) +O2 (marine) +2H2 ==. NH2 (Sz) +2H2O2 (Hydrogen peroxide bleach to blonde)

Glaucoma is caused by low blood pressure from NaOH. How?

When the blood pressure decreases due to salt and water producing NaOH

(NaCl + H2O==> NaOH + HCl), the pressure in the eye staying the same pushes out on the eye. This results in glaucoma.

Why do Africans have high rates of glaucoma? 
Because they have low levels of vitamin D3 in northern climates since their skin is dark. Their skin does not produce enough Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 absorbs the OH on the NaOH molecule in the production of calcidciol. See it’s easy if you do your homework.
Sz have reddish brown hair because:

NH2 (high in Sz) + O2 (marine environment) ==> NO2 (reddish brown) + H2

Dark skinned people and acne
The Dark skinned peoples have low Vitamin D in a northern sunless climate. Their skin can’t absorb enough Vitamin D from the sun at Northern latitudes. Vitamin D absorbs the OH and thus the reaction is:

OH + NaCl  NaOH + Cl-

Cl- + Fe+++  Fe3Cl (Ferric chloride Disease.)

Therefore, you have an acidic environment which results in acne. In dark skinned people.


FeO (iron in water) + NaCl (table salt) ==> FeCl + NaOH (Low blood pressure)

2FeCl +COOH2-R (sat fatty aid) ==> 2FeO + C6H12O6 (high sugar) + Cl2 + 3O
I've noticed that young people with radish blondish hair have bad acne. It is caused by overactive glands - sebaceous and testes and ovaries. The sebaceous glands secrete too much oil, or lipids (COOH2_R) The sex horomone testosterone (C19H28O2) also causes acne.

Here the chemical reactions: 
2FeO (iron in diet) +C6H12O6 (sugar from alcohol) + Cl2 (in drinking water)
==> 2FeCl + 6COOH2-R (glycerol & Saturated fatty acids)

2FeO +C19H28O2 (testosterone) + 2FeO + 10 H2 + Cl2 + O2 (Marine environment)

==> 19COOH2-R +2FeCl (red hair)

Ethanol, C2H5OH is the alcohol that is in alcoholic beverages. It provides the material for the over production of testosterone C19H28O2.

The Irish are known for alcoholic beverage consumption. It causes large testes and large craniums. Testosterone cause red hair. The Irish are known for red hair and blue eyes. The color of the retina is dependent upon the epithermal cells which are affected by testosterone. It’s interesting that the Barron's MCAT book tells us the chemical reaction that leads to Sz. pg. 657
It is Amine, a weak organic base, with HCl which forms a salt, which migrates to the aqueous phase.  WITH Fe AND HCl AND Na, you have a galvanic cell in the Sz brain. This leads tio exothermic reaction (the fever). It is also likely the cause of Epilepsie - a discharge)
FeO [Fe++|| Na+] NaCl the acid is HCl from the salt spray on island environments.

NH2 +3HCl, ==> NCl3 + 5H+ (acid)

5H+ (acid) + 5NaOH (base) ==> 5Na+ + 3H2O + O2 +4H+ (less acid)

2Na +FeCl2 ==> 2NaCl (salt) + Fe++

Fe + O2 ==> FeO2 (High Iron)

O2 +2NaCl + 2H2 ==> 2HCl (stripper of NH2 with Fe) +2Na OH (low blood pressure)

Loop Back to top Equation

FeCl2 replaces the NH2 on an alcohol on the DNA molecule. Alcohol is a detriment to Sz disease. Without The amide peptide bond, the amino acid can't form the amino acid polymer chain. It’s this lack of the amino acid that causes nervous system development malformation. It’s all caused by the salt mist in the air leading to FeCl2 plus alcoholic beverages.

FeO (iron oxide) +2NaCl (salt spray) + H2O (mist) +H2 =>

FeCl2 + 2NaOH (low blood pressure) + H2 (g)

The two H+ take up in place of the peptide bonds and the amino acid isn't formed properly. It depends upon how much FeCl2 you have in your system.

The combination of Iron (replacing N) and Alcohol (OH) disrupt the formation of viable amino acids in a developing fetus. NH2 and OH are present on the A, T, C, and G
The usefulness of keratins depends on their super molecular aggregation. These depend on the properties of the individual polypeptidestrands, which depend in turn on their aminoacidcomposition and sequence

The growth of the nail is affected by nutrition, hormones, and disease. Nail growth involves considerable protein synthesis, as a result of which nonspecific changes occur in the nails in response to various local and systemic disturbances. White spots indicate incomplete keratinization.
Weak Teeth from Stomach Acid

Ca2 (PO4)3OH (teeth and bones) + 10 HCl (stomach acid) => 5CaCl +3 PO4 n+5H2O+H+
2CaCl2 + 2H2O => 2CaO (Lime) + 2 Cl2 (g) +5H2 (g)
10Fe ++ + 5O2 => 10FeO
FeO (iron oxide) +2NaCl (salt spray) + H2O (mist) +H2 =>
FeCl2 + 2 NaOH (low blood pressure) + H2(g)
The DNA amandine is disrupted by the alcohol molecule. This is a genetic defect in alcoholics in their genetic offspring.
Fe + SbCl => FeCl + Sb + 3
2Sb + 3S => Sb2S3
3 (orange hair) + 6 HCl →  2 SbCl
3 + 3H
6Fe + 2Sb2S3 => 3Fe3S2 +2Sb+3

4Sb2S3 (antomite) + 3H2 (SO4 (sulfuric acid bleach)) +21 H2 (g) => 4Sb2O3 + 24H2S
Nitrous Oxide  
2NO - _+ O2 (Marine Environment) => 2NO2 (Redish Brown - Hair)
Fe2O3 (non-color) + 3HCl3 => 2FeCl3 | (red/purple colored hair) +3HClO
Vitamin B1 Foods
Sz is caused by too much iron in the blood. The spleen recycles iron, but it’s the liver that breaks it down. It requires vitamin B1 or thiamine. It’s an essential vitamin. Lack of B1 also shows itself in poor skin hair and nails.

The nervous system is particularly sensitive to thiamine deficiency, because of its dependence on oxidative metabolism. Thiamine deficiency commonly presents sub acutely and can lead to metabolic coma and death. A lack of thiamine can be caused by malnutrition, a diet high in thiamine-rich foods (raw freshwater fish, raw shellfish,ferns) and/or foods high in anti-thiamine factors (tea, coffee,betel nuts) [23]and by grossly impaired nutritional status associated with chronic diseases, such as alcoholism, gastrointestinal diseases, HIV-AIDS, and persistent vomiting. [24]It is thought that many people with diabeteshave a deficiency of thiamine and that this may be linked to some of the complications that can occur. [25]
Thiamine Vitamin B1. The NH2 could be replaced by Iron III.
If you have too little O2 in your blood, iron levels will rise. This causes damage to the nervous system. Asama causes lack of oxygen which is usually caused by allergies. I had a lot of allergies as a kid. I was also exposed to second hand smoke and so was my pregnant mother. She and I are allergic to cigarette smoke. My father smoked.
My mother's mother smoked. It caused premature birth and low birth weight. The result was a weak thyroid. Fe is broken down by oxygen. If there is a poor oxygen supply or transfer, nervous system damage results. Nervous disorders could be associated with the lungs and breathing during development.
Too much Fe (Hyper ferric)?
2-Hydroxyglutaricaciduria: A rare metabolic disorder characterized by high levels of a certain chemical (2-Hydroxyglutaric) which causes a serious progressive neurological disease and damage to the brain Autism is caused by hypoer ferric
The atmospheric pressure is 24% higher at -25c than AT 35C. This may be because Nitrogen which makes up 78% of the atmosphere is lighter than Oxygen 21% of thee atmosphere. There must be 8.5% more O2 in the atmosphere at sea level in cold environments. This is why there is more FeCl ion island populations in the northern climate than at southern climates. The extra O2 yield more hydrogen peroxide H2O2 that leads to FeCl.
4Fe (s) + 3H2O2 (toxic) => 2Fe2O3 +3H2 (g)
Fe2O3 +6 NaCl (aq) => 2FeCl3 + NaO (sodium oxide reacts violently with water)
Potassium Oxide does the same violent reaction. Potassium is in the nervous system.
Aluminum in Underarm Deorderants
3AlO +2 Fe => Al +Fe2O3(s)
Aluminum may cause all these nervous system diseases such as sz and others mentioned. Cooking with aluminum foil may contsaminate foods cooked in ovens.

FePO4 is nontoxic. Perhaps it would suck up the Fe overload of FeCl. Nitrogen would suck up the chloride forming NCl3. Could this be a treatment for Sz and the other diseases?
|I'm no biochemist. But I think they are asleep at the wheel anyway.
FeCl3 +PO4 => FePO4 (nontoxic) +Cl3
3Na + Cl3 +H+ => 3 NaCl + H2O (salt and water)
So we need a pill that is made from NaPO4 (nitrogen phosphate) +H+ (acid)... I think
What Is Needed Instead of a Blood Test for Those at Risk Is a Siliva test for iron in the body and blood. Licking a simple litmus paper should indicate who has high iron. High iron results in sz and Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, mental retardation, depression, infertility, acne, weak eyesight, etc.
(NH2) -3 on Adonine and Cystonine is being stripped by Fe+3 from FeCl3. The chlorine is free as an ion to bond with H on NH2 forming HCl which keep the process going.
15(NH2)-3 + 10 FeCl3 => 10FeN + 30HCl +N2(g)
FeCl3 + 3C2H5OH (Ethonyl) => Fe(OH)3 + 3CH3 + 3HCl + H+_
20FeCl3 + 30C2H5OH + 6(NH2) +53H2 (g|) +H+ => 10Fe(OH)3+ 60CH3+ 60HCl + 10FeN
(Ferric Chloride) + Ethanol + Cytosine + Hydrogen gas +H ion=> Iron Hydroxide + Methyl +Hydrochloric acid + Ferric Nitrate
=>10Fe(OH)3 + 10FeCH3+ 60HCl++10 NCH3
=>10Fe(OH)3 +10FeCl3 + 10NCl3 + 30H2(g)
20 Fe
10 FeCl
10 NCl (false assumptions: smoking, domestic animals, swimming pools) 30H2(g)
The Ferric Chloride Disease
10 CH3-CH2-OH + Na +5H2O2 => NaOH +4C5H10O5+ 28 H+
Alcohol + Sodium + Hydrogen Peroxide => Sodium Hydroxide (low blood pressure) + sugar + Acid
Low blood pressure runs in my father’s family, including me. So too does diabetes. Acne is not a skin disease. It’s a dietary and endocrine disease.
It’s endocrine because women have testosterone for a shorter period than men. Their testosterone lasts about 2 years whereas for men it lasts for 8 years. Sz has onset for women until age 25, whereas men its onset is until 30. The overloads of testosterone is phased out by then.
Diabeties and Alcholism
There is sugar in alcohol
FeCl3 + C3H6O3 <=> FeO3 +3HCl +3CH
Ferric chloride + Sugar,'=> Iron Oxide + Hydro chloric acid + Methyl
My paternal uncle was a drinker and he had diabetes. His son fits the profile of schizophrenics although he did not develop the disease. He's a carrier.
He had lime CaO in his well. So
6HCl + 3CaO => 3CaCl2 + 3H2O
Ca is taken up and not available for nervous system development. Thus the son has 22 chromosome damage.
Haber Process
Fe+3 + Cl- => FeCl3 + heat

FeCl3 + 2NH3 + heat => 2N + 3HCl + Fe+3

The FeCl3 replaces the NH3 on the A and C DNA molecule.
To sum up: its high iron levels that cause all these nervous system disorders. Doctor’s should check iron in the blood of pregnant women especially. High iron, nervous system disease. Let's see if I've gotten this right.
Most people red hair are anemic - low iron. Iron is a cofactor in the production of neurotransmitter serotonin from amino acid tryptophan. Low serotonin could be the cause of Sz and is for Depression?
Now iron causes red hair. Red heads have high testosterone levels because they had to be more aggressive for their genes to survive being least desirable as a mate among all races. There must be a connection between testosterone and iron.
Ferric Chloride Disease  
Red Hair and Blue eyes is a symptom of Ferric Chloride Disease. The disease is a spectrum from cyclothymic, bipolar, schizoid, and schizophrenic, autism, downs syndrome, mental retardation.
Other symptoms are diabetes, low maternal birth weight, high metabolism, hyperthyroidism, grave's disease, and acne as well as low blood pressure and heart function problems. I think Parkinson's and Alzheimer's are results as well of a malformed nervous system.
So too much iron in the blood detrimentally affects the nervous system. We see this in Ferric chloride.
FeCl3 = > Fe+ +3Cl-
How about this:
F2 + 2e- => 2Fe (s) E 0 = 2.87 volts

Cl2 + 2e- -> 2 Cl- E 0 = 1.36 volts

2FeCl2 + e- -> FeCl Net E 0 = 1.36 volts
Ca +2e- => Ca(s) E0 = -2, 87 volts

2FeCl2 _+ 4 Ca+ 3e- => 2Fe _ + 4CaCl E 0 = 151 volts

2N+3 => N2 +3e-
2FeCl2 _+ 4 Ca+ 3e-+ 2N => 2Fe _ + 4CaCl + N2 +3e-
  N has a charge of N-3 these three e- take away the N on the DNA molecules (NH3) and Iron replaces them causing a defective nervous system.
Calcium is necessary for normal nervous system operation. Its a neurotransmitter like Potassium. It is taken up by the chlorine. The Cl2 strips the H+ away from the NH3 on the DNA molecule. We shouldn't have cl in our water or diet.
Two of my uncles had AZ. They both drank from a well high in iron and the second from a well high in lime. My mother's cousin lived downwind from a pulp mill (H2SO4). His wife died of lung cancer despite not smoking. They had two retarded children, both with red hair. The third child is anemic. She's a nurse. Fe is why. I had Sz and drank from a well very high in Iron. Now I drink chlorinated water from the city.
Acid Reducer Fluorine  
A symptom of Ferric Chloride Disease is too much acid in the stomach as illustrated in previous chemical reactions (H+). The antidote for acidic stomach is Acid Reducer Fluorine. This could be administered to Sz patients as well. Really, diet, including caffeine and dark pops may be a result of Sz onset.
People with red hair have too much acid in their stomach. The HCl causes digestive problem. They likely have rancid stool and gas. They would have stinky feet and stinky urine. They have poor skin because the Ca++ necessary for development of strong bones and teeth and skin is taken up by the Cl- in HCl. They would have bleeding lacers from too much acid in their stomach.
Red Heads should avoid foods such as coffee, oranges (ascorbic acid), dark pops etc. foods high in acid. Vitamin C is necessary for a healthy immune system. Red Heads crave the very foods they shouldn't try to digest - too much acid. Red heads crave the acids in their foods so as the break down the iron FeCl in their system.
Humans have a sort of pheromone too. Its sweet smelling testosterone when testosterone levels are high. It might also be because of high sugar levels.
Red heads must have color blindness because they are choosing partners who have too much acid in their system. Blondes are most desirable because they have the best chemistry for strong bones and teeth. They have nice teeth and big bones and nice skin. They can have acne because they may have too much test stone as a result of delaying sexual activity past their teens.
In mating, humans share saliva. If the mates are not to be together, the saliva will taste sickening to the point of vomiting. That's why humans share saliva to see if the mate is a good contender.
  1. FeCl caused by alcoholism.
  2. FeCl caused by Salt Spay and oxygen at sea level and in cold northern environments.
  3. FeCl caused by high iron levels from the iodine in table salt.
  4. FeCl from chlorine in water.
  5. F|eCl from CaCl in canned tomatoes.
  6. FeCl from Iron in water and food such as potatoes, molasses, beans.
Vitamin D is necessary too avoid depression. Tryptophan combined with cofactor iron breaks down leaving the brain short of serotonin. Calcium in milk is taken up in CaCl which was need for nervous system, development. Same with K Potassium.
Vitamin C Causes Iron not to be absorbed. It stays in the blood. Too High Iron levels are bad for the nervous system. This all causes a deformed nervous system. Out ward signs are red hair (or blonde), large head, blue eyes, large genitals, hyper and hypo thyroids, high blood pressure, color blindness, obnoxious aggressive personality. Results Nervous disorders including Sz, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Infertility, Mental Retardation, Depression, etc.
You'll find if you look that all schizophrenics have high levels of iron in their blood. The iron is a cofactor in breaking down tryptophan. High iron level cause red hair, skin acne, poor nails, and carrions (weak teeth). This is why red heads are prone to Sz.
Because red heads are less desirable sexually, they had to have higher levels of testosterone. The higher testosterone is seen in the mentally retarded (large genitals and big heads) and in Schizophrenics.
You should find more schizophrenics in red heads, Caucasians, Catholics. That`s the Irish. Saint John is an Irish town, and has the highest incidence of mental illness in the country per capita. They had the first mental hospital in British North America.
They should also be thin and have few grandchildren. Irish families tend to have children who don't marry. The Irish are thin. Yet another sign of Sz or high testosterone is strong smelling urine. I think it is the testosterone that causes the strong order of urine.
Women tend toward the average, especially in mate selection. They don't genesis any more that the retarded. Women always tend toward the average in everything. So we see that Ferric chloride may lead to illness such as schizophrenia. It may lead to other disease as well. It is suggested for further study by biochemists.
Citation: Paul TE Cusack. “Possible Cause of Schizophrenia: Ferric-chloride Disease”. Archives of Endocrinology and Diabetes Care 1.1 (2018): 33-58.
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