Volume 1 Issue 3 - 2017
Current and Methodological Issues
Dr. Mohammad Qasim Abdullah R*
Clinical Psychology, University of Aleppo, Syria
*Corresponding Author: Dr. Mohammad Qasim Abdullah R, Clinical Psychology, University of Aleppo, Syria.
Received: October 16, 2017; Published: October 18, 2017
I am delighted to be the new Editorial Board and Author of the Current Opinion in Neurological Sciences Journal (CONS), and I am particularly grateful to Louise Belle and the editorial team for handing over a journal that has high rate of submissions, excellent " time to first editorial decision" and friendly/kindly responses. I begin my editorial and submission for CONS with confession: I consider CONS to be my " home journal". Permit me to explain. I hope to continue to maintain this level of quality, and continuing to publish research and review articles. There are many goals have been accomplished in CONS:
  1. Publish on contemporary issues in neurological and neuropsychological foundations of behavior and personality.
  2. The importance of the timeliness of evaluation.
  3. The encouragement of the new authors (In CONS), kindly and humbly.
Current & General Issues
First: The rights and developmental-theoretical background of children diagnosed with psychiatric disorders are neglected area in the field of childhood investigations. Childhood and adolescents psychiatrists have received little attention within academic literature in this area. I recommend the authors (psychologists and psychiatrists/neurologists) to work together according to the rights and research ethics, for developing contemporary area of children's rights around the international journals.
Second: Collecting the data in childhood researches and investigation has been coming from care-givers (parents, teachers,), and this is critical issue, because one of the most significant criteria for diagnosing/assessing the psychopathology and abnormal behavior in childhood is subjective element/instrument (self-report) according to the DSM-V.
Third: There are some interesting current developments relating to child and adolescent around the world that will be of interest to our readers and researchers. Most of these literatures and outcomes have been taken from pediatric psychology and neuropsychology.
Fourth: The most attention have been spent, by specialists and authors to the abnormal-maladaptive behavior/personality, versus normal-adaptive behavior, on one hand, and depending on behavioral approach and trend in psychology rather than dynamic approach that has been ignored in behavioral sciences. Turning to the current issue I have been published the collection of articles like " Altruistic/prosocial behavior: socialization of emotions" & " psychodynamic case formulation: meta-emotions and defense mechanisms". In this editorial my goal-oriented one year plan for (CONS), and I hope it will be completed at the end of 2017.
Publication & Methodological Issues
Regarding the methodology and article publication, there are significant issues should be take place:
-The effective abstract, should contain the following elements: (1) the purpose and/or the problem to be addressed "and the need for this effort", (2) the major objectives of the research/effort, (3) the participants (population/sample), (4) the instruments " scales, interview, case study,", (5) the most important findings and outcomes.
-On the basis of composite guidelines for reviewers of applications, I recommend the following components for statement of need: (1) Discussion of how the project will meet the specific needs, (2) Brief review of prior literature to support the proposal's solution to the problem, (3) presentation of materials that shows that you and the applicant organization have a history of experience and commitment to the problem, (4) listing of funding agency priorities that the application may address (Strain & Kerr, 1984).
-Regarding data collection procedures, we recommend inclusion of the following elements: (1) Brief rationale for selecting each instruments, and procedure for data collection, (2) where new or unfamiliar instruments are used, and detailed explanation of the advantages of these alternatives, (3) individuals who will collect the data, (4) schedule by which the data will be collected, and discussion of methodological problems that are created or solved.
Comments: as editorial board member and author, I would like you to consider CONS to be your scholarly and scientific home for current knowledge about the behavioral neurology, neuropsychology, and neurological sciences. I encourage readers and authors to corporate and develop personal and professional bonds to CONS. I used this editorial mini article to outline some ideas and issues for how to foster your association and methodology to this journal. I will continue to submit manuscript for publication, that report high quality, and high impact research via the journal. I will go on for publishing and reviewing, according to my plan, that have been mentioned above.
I encourage authors and potential authors to communicate with Agenda about any editorial review process questions. Finally, I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to Louise Belle and journal teams for providing researchers and support to serve in submission and evaluation.
Citation: Dr. Mohammad Qasim Abdullah R. “Current and Methodological Issues”. Current Opinions in Neurological Science 1.3 (2017): 179-180.
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