Letter to Editor
Volume 1 Issue 1 - 2017
How the NHS & Worldwide Health Association Can Fully Improve
Paul Wilkins*
Public Relations and Communications Professional, UK
*Corresponding Author: Paul Wilkins, Public Relations and Communications Professional, UK.
Received: July 07, 2017; Published: July 10, 2017
A Member of NHS Research. And have had lots of my different types of creative writing published in ‘United Press Ltd’, ‘Xlibris Publishers’ and quite regularly, an average 2 poems a month, in ‘The Blackpool Gazette’ local Newspaper.
An Important Message
Something that the World Government of Health, Health Secretaries, MPs and lots of different worldwide Government and Health Association Parties need to pay deep attention to. This is because what is about to be mentioned is ‘Very Important’ with regard to the future of everyone worldwide’ s successful full gain of much more Mental ‘Healthiness’ and ‘Happiness’
Aren’t all Governments seeking to have more regard to The Publics Opinion of things, rather than making all decisions, and new ideas etc., by themselves.
About to be mentioned here is a very important fact, that me and some friends have figured out, to be currently worsening everyone worldwide’s health. And the sooner via The NHS and Worldwide Health Association this is given deep consideration and planned to be fully investigated, the sooner the prospects of everyone worldwide getting much more Mentally ‘Healthier’ and ‘Happier’ will be looking reality.
The Important Fact
The thing that is getting everyone world-wide worse health-wise day after day, especially, though not only, people with psychological/behaviour mental problems, is the unexplicit/unnatural title ‘Doctor’ being used.
The answer to this is getting much more Explicit/Natural titles to be used instead, which staying a lot less stuck on people’s minds would result in Health Problems being thought of a lot less therefore suffered a lot less.
E.G. With a reference to a ‘Health Consultant’ people will think naturally about ‘going to see them for a consultation about their health’.
E.G. With a reference to a ‘Treatment Consultant’ people will think naturally about ‘going to see them for some treatment and a consultation about their health’.
Where-as with reference to a ‘Doctor’ people can see this as naturally saying what? Or is it really an Unexplicit/Unnatural confusing title.
Speaking to someone with an Unexplict/Unnatural title, such as ‘Doctor’, about health difficulties brings the problems more to the front of the sufferer’s mind, causing more thought, therefore more trouble of it.
This is because the word ‘Doctor’ only being able to be looked at in one way, and not as anything it’s explicitly saying, means it staying rather stuck on everyone’s mind, and therefore making all health problems mentioned to one of them, a lot more stuck on people’s mind too. People mentioning personal problems to one of this kind of title get them a lot more stuck on their mind, to be thought of therefore suffered a lot more. And the only answer to this is somehow getting the word ‘Doctor’ Off Their Mind to once more get their health problems Off Their Mind too.
To have details and access to, and with deep appreciation sign, a certain very important petition me and some friends are doing at the moment, which with good support could lead to everyone worldwide getting much ‘Healthier’ and ‘Happier’, please look at the article towards the base of website index www.poetryemotion.org.uk
The sooner this petition has success, and can be deeply listened to by The Worlds Government of Health etc, the sooner everyone in this world can be confident of prospects of themselves and everyone else getting much more secure Mental ‘Healthiness’ and ‘Happiness’.
If you’d like this to take place please, via ‘Deep Importance’ Sign the petition ASAP to play your part, and take your responsibility in bringing big Health improvements worldwide.
Over 1000 people have said they fully agree with what this petition is saying, and via Care2 or Facebook have put ‘Like’ but just doing this is useless compared to actually SIGNING THE PETITION, which is deeply important and necessary.
Please give what this article is saying, and signing the Petition, a careful thought. The future of everyone’s Joyful and Successful life depends on the support it is deeply given.
Now the future of each of your lives ‘Health’ and ‘Happiness’ is your choice.
If you’d like a look at lots of my other better than average Psychological intelligence please feel free to via the website index shown above look at the ‘emotion’ section-some-times needing to press ‘Click Here’ for access. Or via the ‘poetry’ section merely press tab ‘My Emotion Website’ for immediate access.
Citation: Paul Wilkins. “How the NHS & Worldwide Health Association Can Fully Improve”. Current Opinions in Neurological Science 1.1 (2017): 70-71.
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