Antonio L Arrebola Moreno

University/Organization: Immaculate Conception Hospital

Country: Spain


Dr. Antonio L. Arrebola Moreno, M.D., PhD, is a graduate of Granada University (Spain) (2005). He was awarded with the National Prize of studies in Medicine (2006) He trained in Cardiology at the Virgen de las Nieves University Hospital (Granada, Spain) (2011) and got the oficial accredited sub-specialty in Interventional Cardiology (2013). Over 2 years he worked as a Research Fellow at the St George´s University of London (London, United Kingdom). In 2015 he got the International Doctorate with “Cum laude” distinction mark at the Granada University School of Medicine (Granada, Spain). He has got a Master degree in Regenerative biomedicine (2009), Clinical Cardiology (2011), Critical Care in Cardiology (2014) and Secondary prevention and Cardiac Rehabilitation (2016). He is also a specialist in Sports Cardiology (2015) and Diabetes in Cardiology (2015). He has worked in Virgen de las Nieves´ University Hospital (Granada, Spain), San Cecilio´s University Hospital (Granada, Spain), and St George´s Hospital (London, UK). He is currently working as a clinical and interventional cardiologist at Inmaculada Hospital (Granada, Spain), and as a professor in cardiovascular pathology at the Granada University School of Medicine.

 Research Interest

His research interest include Interventional cardiology, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Sports cardiology, Acute coronary syndrome.