Mini Review
Volume 3 Issue 1 - 2018
Can the life-threatening Allergic Reactions to Anesthetics be Avoided?
Maria Kuman*
Holistic Research Institute, Knoxville, TN 37923
*Corresponding Author: Maria Kuman, Holistic Research Institute, 1414 Barcelona Dr., Knoxville, TN 37923.
Received: October 22, 2018; Published: December 24, 2018
Life-threatening allergic reactions to the chemical anesthetics used during obstetric surgery (Caesarian section) are a cry for change. Anesthesia done with acupuncture is safe and with no complications. Isn’t it time to embrace the anesthesia done with acupuncture at least for obstetric surgery?
Keyword: Obstetric surgery; Allergic reactions to chemical anesthetics; No adverse reactions to acupuncture anesthesia; Faster recovery after acupuncture anesthesia
I gave birth with Caesarian section and I developed a life-threatening reaction to the used chemical anesthetic Halo tan. Three days I was between life and death. As I understood later on, Professor and Associate Professor from the Medical Academy were recruited for consultation. However, I don’t have any recollection of it because I have been unconscious. When I came unto conscious the forth day after the surgery, I was very weak and only skin and bones. It took me more than two weeks to be able to stand on my legs.
All this could be avoided, if the surgery was done not with chemical anesthesia (the gas Halotan), but with acupuncture, which does not have adverse reactions - the recovery is faster and does not have complications. The only thing that needs to be done is either to train the anestisiologists in acupuncture or to hire acupuncturists for anesthesia with acupuncture.
The points that need to be treated with acupuncture for anesthesia can be found in almost every acupuncture book. The acupuncture points have the shape of ellipses, which are conducting, and they are imbedded in the semiconducting tissue of the body. Based on this, electronic devices are developed for finding the acupuncture points that need to be treated with needles, which will make the acupuncture anesthesia easier for the anestisiologists.
A medical doctor from the city of Plovdiv in Bulgaria reported in 1983 on the 8th World Congress of Acupuncture in Sofia, Bulgaria, about her studies on the changes in the body when chemical anesthetics are used. In conversation with her after her report, she complained that neither anestisiologists nor surgeons wanted to believe that the chemical anesthesia is so traumatic for the body. She said that things are gradually changing because she had been already invited in Prague and Paris to speak about her findings.
However, it is a fact that 35 years later the chemical anesthetics are still used regardless of the life-threatening crises they cause in many cases. 35 years later the anesthesia with acupuncture is still not used during surgery regardless that the recovery is much faster and with much less complications. Why? Is it because we still don’t trust acupuncture because we do not quite understand how acupuncture works?
I have a book written on acupuncture, Modern Aspects of Ancient Acupuncture [1], which explains scientifically how acupuncture works. I reported in 1983 on the 8th World Congress on Acupuncture a nonlinear mathematical model of one acupuncture meridian, which is a chain of acupuncture points, which are conducting ellipses imbedded in the semiconducting tissue of the body.
When we treat with a needle one acupuncture point, electric impulse is generated, which propagates along the acupuncture meridian, and the direction of propagation is determined by electric gradient. Such electric impulse has been measured, but the nonlinear equation in my mathematical model had two solutions – electric impulse and a wave. There was no reason to disregard the wave solution and so I reported for it [2].
Hungarian scientist approached me after the report and said that he wanted me to report my findings at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. If I would agree, within a month I would receive the ticket and the official invitation. I did agree and gave a talk at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. As a result, he received grant money and within a year he reported he found the waves [3].
From this point on, I was aware that acupuncture works through the waves of the nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF) of the body, which is weak (1,000 times weaker than the body biocurrents), but rules and regulates the function of all organs and everything else in the body. I developed and patented electronic equipment, sensitive enough to measure this weak NEMF [4], and I used it for almost 40 years to measure the effect of acupuncture, the effect of Reiki healing, etc. [5].
A Quantum Computer operates in the Subconscious with the waves of the human NEMF and from the Subconscious rules and regulates everything in the body. This means that anesthesia with acupuncture can turn off the feeling of pain by switching the regulating mechanisms, which through the Quantum Computer regulate all biochemical processes in the body. This is one level higher than the biochemical way of turning off the pain with chemical anesthetics.
Until now, we used chemical ways of anesthesia for turning off the pain, we used anti-biotics to kill the bacteria, and used other chemicals (drugs) for pain relief. However, we can influence directly the regulating mechanisms of the body to turn off the pain (anesthesia with acupuncture), or for pain relief (with acupuncture). We can also kill bacteria with using only the vibrations of molecules that had been severely dissolved and many times shaken water (homeopathic remedies) [6] or stimulate the immune system with acupuncture.
Since we are loosing the battle with bacteria and viruses, which mutate so fast to the drugs we have created that we don’t have anything to meet their evolved new generations, we need to switch from trying to handle them with chemicals (drugs) to influencing the body regulating mechanisms with acupuncture.
This will be the medicine of the 21st century, the info-energy medicine, which restores the health of the body by influencing the regulating mechanisms, ruled by the Quantum Computer in the Subconscious operating with the waves of the weak NEMF. Hopefully, when this happen we will be ready to switch from the chemical way of anesthesia to anesthesia with acupuncture, which also works with the waves of the NEMF, i.e. through the Quantum Computer.
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Citation: Maria Kuman. “Can the life-threatening Allergic Reactions to Anesthetics be Avoided?” Chronicle of Medicine and Surgery 3.1 (2018): 307-309.
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