Volume 2 Issue 6 - 2018
Why It Is So Important to Avoid the Acupuncture Points during Surgery - Phantom Pain and Phantom Leaf Have the Same Holographic Nature as the Subconscious Images
Maria Kuman*
Holistic Research Institute, 1414 Barcelona Dr., Knoxville, TN 37923
*Corresponding Author: Maria Kuman, Holistic Research Institute, 1414 Barcelona Dr., Knoxville, TN 37923. E-mail: holisticare@mariakuman.com.
Received: August 10, 2018; Published: August 29, 2018
The article emphasizes the importance at surgical cut to avoid the acupuncture points because a cut through an acupuncture point, which has been pinched during the stitching would constantly fire electric impulses and waves along the acupuncture meridian. This will be experienced as pain in the leg or arm that has been amputated, which we call ‘Phantom Pain’. The article explains the common origin of ‘Phantom Leaf’ and ‘Phantom Pain’ and emphasizes their holographic nature, related to the waves of the NEMF, which lives in symbiosis with the material body and rules and regulates all organs and everything else in the body from the Subconscious. In the Subconscious, through the waves of our NEMF operates a Quantum Computer on holographic principle, while our Conscious operates as a Digital Computer.
Key words: Phantom pain; phantom pain and acupuncture points; Avoid acupuncture points at surgery; Phantom leaf; Phantom leaf and phantom pain
Phantom Pain and Its Origin
Phantom Pain is the pain experienced by some amputees in leg or arm after the leg or arm has been amputated. Why only some amputees experience Phantom Pain? Clinical studies claim that only the amputees, whose nerve ending were pinched during the surgery experience phantom pain. But is this the case?
Acupuncture teaches that the acupuncture meridians are the ways of propagation of pain [1]. This is how the meridians were discovered. Some sensitive individuals with heart problems were feeling the heart pain propagating from the heart, along the arm, to their pinky, and this is where the heart meridian ends.
The author predicted in 1983 based on nonlinear mathematical model that from each treated acupuncture point besides the electric impulse, which was measured, and which some sensitive individuals feel as pain propagating from the treated point in the direction of the meridian, waves must run along the acupuncture meridian [2]. At the time of prediction nobody has measured waves, but one year after the prediction the Hungarians detected the waves [3].
I need to explain here that there is a constant wave running along each acupuncture meridian and the puncture with needle of one point of the meridian generates an electric impulse and a wave, which modifies the constantly running wave [3]. When an acupuncture point is cut during the amputation and pinched during the following stitching, it will act as a permanent acupuncture, which generates constant electric impulses and waves, which will feel like pain.
As a result, constant pain will be experienced in the missing leg or arm, which we call Phantom Pain. I have measured the electrical component of this NEMF for almost 40 years, while doing simultaneously nonlinear mathematical modeling, and now I am publishing the results of these many years of work.
Thus, the acupuncture meridians are the pathways of propagation of pain and they don’t always run along nerves. If so, this gives me the right to claim that not pinched nerve during the stitching at the end of the surgery caused the phantom pain, but a cut through acupuncture point, which has been pinched during the stitching.
If so, when an acupuncture point has been cut and pinched as a result of surgery, it would fire electric impulses and waves along the acupuncture meridian and this would create the feeling in the amputee that his amputated arm or leg is still there and it is painful. From all this it follows that when amputation is done the surgeon must do his best to avoid the acupuncture points.
Phantom Leaf, Its Origin, and Its Connection to Phantom Pain
Kirlian photography is photographing the weak light (nonlinear electromagnetic field or NEMF) of people and plants in high frequency electric field, which multiply the photons of the weak light and makes its photographing possible. When the light of green leaf with cut edge has been photographed with Kirlian photography, the photography showed the whole leaf [4].
I think this results from the fact that we have a material body (leaf of a plant or human body) and a NEMF, which live in symbiosis with the material body. This means the material body benefits from having this NEMF, which through its waves allow much faster response and with this increases many time the chances for survival of the material body. But cutting the material body does not cut the NEMF.
For this reason, I believe that when a leg or arm has been amputated the NEMF is still there (which can be verified with Kirlian photography), just as it is in the case of the cut leaf. However, the amputee experiences phantom pain only when an acupuncture point has been cut through during the amputation and pinched during the stitching.
NEMF Operates from the Subconscious on Holographic Principle
Holographic seeing with the mind
In my previous article [5], it was explained that according to Hindu and Yoga texts, we can also see with our mind, not only with our eyes [6,7]. Russian scientists investigated V. Bronnikov, who could see with his mind [8]. First, when he sees with his eyes, the equipment registers impulse from his eyes to his brain. Second, when he is blindfolded and the equipment does not register impulse from his eyes to his brain, he could still sees.
He could even see the object when it is behind a dense screen [8], which proves that nonlinear waves are involved because only nonlinear waves can pass through a screen. He could even see the object from different angles [8], which indicates that the vision is three-dimensional or holographic. Obviously, the seeing with the mind involves nonlinear coherent (laser type) waves and since our NEMF is rich of such waves, it must be involved in it.
Holographic representation of the organs subordinated to the Subconscious
Since we don’t have conscious awareness of the function of our internal organs, the functioning of our organs is subordinated to the Subconscious, i.e. the Subconscious rules and regulates their function. It is deliberately done so because in crucial moments of our life, when our life is threatened and we are mobilized to survive, we don’t want to be bothered with information about our internal organs.
All our organs are holographically represented on the surface of the skin: on our palms, feet, ears, and the irises of our eyes. The acupuncturists know that they can treat with acupuncture the points of the sick organ on any of these representations with equal success. Therefore, we have holographic representations of the organs on the surface of the body to tell us that our organs are ruled and regulated on holographic principle. 
Thus, while our material brain memorizes on the digital principle, or works as a digital computer, our subconscious memorizes through coherent waves on the holographic principle as a quantum computer. Since our nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF) is wave abundant, it must be the one handling this holographic images and memory at subconscious level. Since our organs are subordinated to the subconscious, the NEMF must rule and regulate their function from the Subconscious [5].
By all means, it seems that this weak NEMF, which I spent 40 years of my life measuring, and which rules and regulates the functioning of our organs, is not the field produced by the organ’s functioning. Russian scientist’s claim [8] that only when such NEMF enters a fertilized cell, the cell can be considered successfully fertilized and the embryo development of heart, lungs, brain, etc. can start. Thus, the NEMF is the one that creates the organs, and later rules, regulates, and synchronizes their function. It also rules (controls) the growing of our skin, nails, and hair and everything else in the body.
Dr. Keith Floyd, psychologist at Virginia Intermont College said: “If reality is nothing but a holographic illusion, the physical brain does not produce the mind. Rather, it is the mind that creates the appearance of the brain, as well as the body...” [8]. Indeed, the nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF) (of which the mind is part) creates the whole body, including the brain.
Through its waves, this NEMF records (memorizes) everything we see, hear, smell, or emotionally experience as holograms and store this information in the Subconscious. Since nonlinear electromagnetic field means also field that does not dissipate and field that can pass through walls or screens, at the end of life when the person dies, this non-dissipating NEMF leaves the body [8], but it carries the entire memory of the whole lifetime as a three-dimensional holographic record.
Since the acupuncture meridians are the pathway of propagation of pain, the phantom pain, which some sensitive amputees experience in the amputated arm or leg, is explained as a result of surgical cut through an acupuncture point. The cut through and the following pinch during the stitching will act as permanent acupuncture. As a result, electric impulse and wave will constantly propagate from the pinched point in the direction of the acupuncture meridian, which will be experienced as pain in the amputated arm or leg.
The article also explained that ‘Phantom Pain’ and ‘Phantom Leaf’ have the same holographic nature as the holographic images of the Subconscious. They are all created with the waves of our NEMF, which operates at subconscious level as Quantum Computer.
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Citation: Maria Kuman. “Why It Is So Important to Avoid the Acupuncture Points during Surgery - Phantom Pain and Phantom Leaf Have the Same Holographic Nature as the Subconscious Images”. Chronicle of Medicine and Surgery 2.6 (2018): 265-268.
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