Editorial Board

Farouk El-Sabban

University/Organization:  Kuwait University
Email id:  farouk.elsabban@ku.edu.kw
Country:   Kuwait

Michael J Gonzalez

University/Organization:  University of Puerto Rico
Email id:  michael.gonzalez5@upr.edu
Country:   United States

Weiguo Zhang 

University/Organization:  DSM Chemicals
Email id:  Weiguozha@yahoo.com
Country:   United States

Branislav Rankovic

University/Organization:  University of Kragujevac
Email id:  rankovic@kg.ac.rs
Country:   Serbia

Fahim shaltout

University/Organization:  Benha University
Email id:  fahimshaltout@hotmail.com
Country:   Egypt

Abdalla El-Mowafy

University/Organization:  Mansoura University
Email id:  aelmowafy@yahoo.com
Country:   Egypt

Md Monoarul Haque

University/Organization:  Bangladesh University of Professionals
Email id:  monoarmunna@yahoo.com
Country:   Bangladesh

Muzaffer Denli

University/Organization:  Dicle University
Email id:  muzaffer.denli@gmail.com
Country:   Turkey

Ahmed A Tayel

University/Organization:  Kafrelsheikh University
Email id:  tayel_ahmad@yahoo.com
Country:   Egypt

Jesus Simal Gandara

University/Organization:  University of Vigo
Email id:  jsimal@uvigo.es
Country:   Spain

A K Srivastava

University/Organization:  Deemed University
Email id:  dir.ndri@gmail.com
Country:   India

Ana Sanches Silva

University/Organization:  National Institute of Health
Email id:  ana.silva@insa.min-saude.pt
Country:   Portugal

Ana Maria Costa

University/Organization:  Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation
Email id:  ana-maria.costa@embrapa.br
Country:   Brazil

Abebe Gebremariam Hailu

University/Organization:   Jimma University
Email id:  abebe_gebremariam@yahoo.com
Country:   Ethiopia

Abdelaziz Nour

University/Organization:  Alexandria University
Email id:  nouraziz2000@yahoo.com
Country:   Egypt

Ali Meawad Ahmed

University/Organization:  Suez Canal University
Email id:  ameawad@yahoo.com
Country:   Egypt

Ali Batu

University/Organization:  Mevlana University
Email id:  ali_batu@hotmail.com
Country:   Turkey

Adel Shatta

University/Organization:  Suez Canal University
Email id:  bakr194@gmail.com
Country:   Egypt

Anand Kar

University/Organization:  Devi Ahilya University
Email id:  karlife@rediffmail.com
Country:   India

Akier A Maf

University/Organization:  Government of Canada
Email id:  AkierAssanta.Mafu@AGR.GC.CA
Country:   Canada

Amit Nath

University/Organization:  Indian Institute of Farming Systems Research
Email id:  amitnath2005@gmail.com
Country:   India

Ali Aberoumand

University/Organization:  University of Behbahan
Email id:  aberoumandali@yahoo.com
Country:   Iran, Islamic Republic of

Omaima Maamoun Ahmed

University/Organization:  Suez University
Email id:  omaima.maamoun@gmail.com
Country:   Egypt

Hosny Abdellatief Abdelrahman Mabrouk

University/Organization:  Suez canal University
Email id:  hrahman69@yahoo.com
Country:   Egypt

EnasAli Kamel

University/Organization:  Ain shams university
Email id:  enas.elbakry@ymail.com
Country:   Egypt

Suman Singh

University/Organization:  Yonsei University
Email id:  simanki.singh27@gmail.com
Country:   India

Trevor Cornelius Stuart Archer

University/Organization:  Gothenburg university
Email id:  trevor.archer@psy.gu.se
Country:   Sweden

Badrinarayan Mishra

University/Organization:  R.D.Gardi Medical College
Email id:  badrinmishra@gmail.com
Country:   India

Jai S. Ghosh

University/Organization:  University of Pune
Email id:  ghoshjai@gmail.com
Country:   India

Soraya L. Valles

University/Organization:  University of Valencia
Email id:  lilian.valles@uv.es
Country:   Spain

Ramon Cacabelos

University/Organization:  EuroEspes Biomedical Research Center
Email id:  rcacabelos@euroespes.com
Country:   Spain

Vladimir Zaichick

University/Organization:  Moscow Institute of Engineering Physics
Email id:  vezai@obninsk.com
Country:   Russian Federation

Farid Menaa

University/Organization:  Director Fluorotronics Inc.
Email id:  dr.fmenaa@gmail.com
Country:   United States

Baojun (Bruce) Xu

University/Organization:  Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong
Email id:  baojunxu@uic.edu.hk
Country:   China

Aly F. El Sheikha

University/Organization:   McMaster University
Email id:  elsheikha_aly@yahoo.com
Country:   Canada

Juan Sebastian Barajas-Gamboa

University/Organization:  University of California
Email id:  jbarajasgamboa@gmail.com
Country:   United States

Yiannis Kourkoutas

University/Organization:  Democritus University of Thrace.
Email id:  ikourkou@mbg.duth.gr
Country:   Greece

K.V. Sucharitha

University/Organization:  Sri VenkateswaraUniversity
Email id:  suchivenkata@gmail.com
Country:   India

Zhao Chen

University/Organization:  Clemson University
Email id:  zchen5@clemson.edu
Country:   United States


University/Organization:  Bharathidasan University
Email id:  biovenu@gmail.com
Country:   India

Kleidson Lobato

University/Organization:  University of Campinas
Email id:  kleidsonlobato@hotmail.com
Country:   Brazil

Yaseen Galali

University/Organization:  Salahaddin University-Erbil
Email id:  yaseen.galali@su.edu.krd
Country:   Iraq Kurdistan

Ahmet Faruk Yesilsu

University/Organization:  Central Fisheries Research Institute, Trabzon.
Email id:  yesilsu@gmail.com
Country:   Turkey

Yasin Ozdemir

University/Organization:  Ataturk Central Horticultural Research Institute
Email id:  gidaciyasin@hotmail.com
Country:   Turkey

Tao Zuo

University/Organization:  The Chinese university of Hong Kong
Email id:  ouczt@163.com
Country:   China

Basharat Dar

University/Organization:  IUST, India
Email id:  darnabi@gmail.com
Country:   India

George Grant

University/Organization:  Canada’s Wellness Ambassador
Email id:  drgrantwellness@gmail.com
Country:   Canada

Hafiz Ansar Rasul Suleria

University/Organization:  Kansas State University
Email id:  hafiz.suleria@uqconnect.edu.au
Country:   United States

Ismail Kucukkurt

University/Organization:  University of Afyon Kocatepe
Email id:  kurt@aku.edu.tr
Country:   Turkey


University/Organization:  University of Foggia
Email id:  pasquale.russo@unifg.it
Country:   Italy

Bing-Huei Chen

University/Organization:  Fu Jen Catholic University
Email id:  sinbaraj@yahoo.com
Country:   Taiwan

Palanivel Ganesan

University/Organization:  Konkuk University
Email id:  palanivel67@gmail.com
Country:   India

Chandra Shekhar Kapoor

University/Organization:  Pacific University
Email id:  drcskapoor@yahoo.co.in
Country:   India

Seyyed Shamsadin Athari

University/Organization:  Zanjan University of Medical Sciences
Email id:  ss.athari@gmail.com
Country:   Iran

Marwa I Abd El-Hamid

University/Organization:  Zagazig University
Email id:  mero_micro2006@yahoo.com
Country:   Egypt

Hedayat Hosseini

University/Organization:  Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences
Email id:  hedayat@sbmu.ac.ir
Country:   Iran

Abdel Azim Sayed Abdel Azim

University/Organization:  Food Technology Research Institute - Agricultural Research Center - Egypt
Email id:  abdelazim_73@yahoo.com
Country:   Egypt

Abbas Amini

University/Organization:  Western Sydney University
Email id:  A.Amini@westernsydney.edu.au
Country:   Australia

Harmanjot Kaur

University/Organization:  Desh Bhagat University, Mandi Gobindgarh, Punjab
Email id:  harmankochar@yahoo.co.in
Country:   India

Satyam Prakash

University/Organization:  Tribhuvan University
Email id:  sprakashy2424@gmail.com
Country:   Nepal

Dr Amin Mousavi Khaneghah

University/Organization:  State University of Campinas (UNICAMP)
Email id:  mousavi.amin@gmail.com
Country:   Brazil

Anurag Singh

University/Organization:  National Institute Of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management
Email id:  anurag.niftem@gmail.com
Country:   India

Sherif Ramzy Mohamed

University/Organization:  National Research Centre
Email id:  sheriframzy4@gmail.com
Country:   Egypt

Michael UkwuruUKWURU

University/Organization:  Federal Polytechnic, Idah, Nigeria
Email id:  mikeukwuru@gmail.com
Country:   Nigeria

VODNAR Dan - Cristian

University/Organization:  Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Cluj Napoca
Email id:  dan.vodnar@usamvcluj.ro
Country:   Romania


University/Organization:  University of Queensland-Australia
Email id:  usmankhan1949@yahoo.com
Country:   Pakistan

Muhammad Akram

University/Organization:   University Faisalabad.
Email id:  makram_0451@yahoo.com
Country:   Pakistan

Gulzar Ahmad Nayik

University/Organization:  Department of Food Science & Technology, Govt. Degree College Shopian, J&K, India
Email id:  gulzarnaik@gmail.com
Country:   India