Scientia Ricerca Article Withdrawal

Article Withdrawal

Scientia Ricerca adheres to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in academic publishing. We also expect that the authors will show highest integrity in their work and fixed to high ethical standards. Usually editor of a journal is influential for which manuscripts will be published and which should be rejected. The decision will be influenced by the editorial board, the policies of the journal and copyright infringement or plagiarism.

There are different state of affairs that articles submitted must be removed or retracted such as:
Article withdrawal: Commonly used for Articles in Press which when early versions of articles are withdrawn due to errors. Sometimes accidentally submitted twice or to multiple journals that represent infringements of professional ethical codes, plagiarism and fraudulent use of the data may be “Withdrawn” from Scientia Ricerca. Withdrawn means that the article content (HTML and PDF) is removed and replaced with an HTML page/ PDF stating that the article has been withdrawn according to the Scientia Ricerca Policy.

Article retractions: Commonly used for post-publishing methods, dealing with infringements of editorial ethical codes, fraudulent use of data, plagiarism and other issues related to the publication section. In most of the cases, a retraction of an article by its authors or editor under the advice of members of the scholarly community of the learned world will be used in order to correct such errors as the ones stated above.

Article removal: Sometimes, it may be necessary to completely remove an article from the online database. May occur in an extremely limited number of cases when an article is clearly defamatory, or infringes others’ legal rights, the subject of a court order, or article might pose a serious health risk.

Manuscript Withdrawal Policy - Scientia Ricerca
From time to time, an author request withdrawal of manuscript after submission. In some circumstance the request for manuscript withdrawal is made too late, when the manuscript is only a few days prior to publication in the journal. Withdrawal of manuscripts from publication wastes valuable resources and immense effort made in processing the manuscripts by the editorial staff and it has been worked into a journal issue, we have incurred costs on our end that need to be reimbursed. In such instances, authors need to pay 25% of the original article processing fee in case of withdrawal.

To discourage unwarranted withdrawal of manuscripts, Scientia Ricerca have formulated a withdrawal policy as given below.

Manuscript Withdrawal Policy
To avoid withdrawal of a manuscript we sincerely request the corresponding author to address the following issues before submitting the manuscript for publication:

  • Check multiple times that the data presented in the manuscripts are accurate and error free.
  • Inform all the authors, before submitting the manuscript for publication.
  • Ensure that all the authors agree on the specific journal to submit the manuscript for publication.
  • Decide on the number and order of authors and authorship contributions of a paper before submitting the manuscript. Preferably even before beginning to write the manuscript these should be decided.
  • Submit the manuscript to only one journal. Do not simultaneously submit the manuscript to multiple journals
  • If the manuscript has been submitted for publication to any journal in the past, please do not re-submit it before receiving confirmation from the first journal that the manuscript has been withdrawn from the publication.
  • Manuscripts may be withdrawn by submitting a request to the editorial office and withdrawal will be permitted only after submitting an "Article Withdrawal Form" which is signed by all authors of the manuscript stating the reasons for manuscript withdrawal.
  • Authors must assume that their manuscript has not been withdrawn until that they received appropriate notification to this effect from the editorial office.
  • The publication charge if paid by the author, will not be refunded. This has been done so that authors submit the manuscripts to us only those which they really want to publish.
  • If the authors do not reply to communication even after multiple reminders, at any stage of the publication process; Scientia Ricerca holds all rights to disclose conduct of the authors and the content of the manuscript without author’s further approval, and cannot be held responsible for consequences arising from it.